Best breast pump for stay-at-home mom

I am going to be a first time mom so I know nothing about this topic. Hopefully you ladies will be able to shed some light for me. I'm planning on breast feeding (if I am fortunate enough to be able to) and leaving my job to become a SAH mom. There will be times where I will want to pump, probably at least twice a day (i.e. going to the gym, public outings where I would not want to BF, and on weekends when I would want to have a few cocktails). I've heard great things about the Medela Pump In Style but feel a little ridiculous purchasing it if I am not going back to work. Also, there's the whole manual vs electric and double vs single debacle that I cannot make a decision. Help please! Thanks ladies!

Re: Best breast pump for stay-at-home mom

  • I would do a double electric just because it is so much faster. Check with your ins company because they covered mine at 100 percent.
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  • I have the Medela PIS because I worked for a year after DS was born. It is definitely a great pump. Now with DD I am a SAHM I have used the pump but I also purchased the Medela manual pump. For me, with two kids it was just so much easier to not have to sit and hook up the electric whereas the manual is so much more portable. However, the electric is a lot quicker. They are both good it just really depends on how often you will be pumping and if you'll need it on the go (like in a car, for example). 
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  • Thank you! See I am such a newbie bc I did not even know some insurance companies cover pumps. I will definitely do some research with BCBS. 
  • In the early days you want to pump whenever baby is far easier to nurse in public than to pump in public.  I wouldn't go more than 2 or 3 hours without breastfeeding/pumping for the first 12 weeks at least.

    As far as drinking, it's perfectly ok to just drink without dumping if you only have one drink and time it correctly.

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  • I get to stay home 1 year. I rented the hospital pump for a couple months since DS was small and I needed help with supply.  Then I broke down and bought the medela swing pump. It's nice for travel bc it's potable, and less to was.  Then my sister gave me her Pisa. It's nice to have a double pump to speed up the process.

    youll have to consider how much you'll be able to pump, DS needs a lot of attention and food during the day.  I usually only pump once a day after DS goes to bed.

    good luck 

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  • Glad I bought the Medela Freestyle with my first baby when I was working. Now that I am a SAHM with an infant and toddler I can pump where or when ever I need to. I couldn't be with out my simple wishes hands free bra also.
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  • I work full time and did with DD after 8 weeks off, but have a flexible schedule and she rarely got, any day, more than 2 bottles. Usually I could make it work with her just doing one. I still found it very helpful to have the Medela PIS. I disliked pumping, so if it had taken a long time or as manual, I think I would have hated it even more. I never p led more than I HAD to.
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  • image theresat858: is far easier to nurse in public than to pump in public. 

    Agreed!! Just use a nursing cover! Depending on how long you are away from home, and how often, you may not want to hold off on nursing or pumping since you can get uncomfortably full, and it can mess with your supply if you do it a lot.

    I wanted to mention since you will be a SAHM, I did not give my DS a bottle frequently enough (because I did not pump regularly) and he began refusing bottles at 4 months. This made it impossible to leave him with my H or anyone else for longer than 2 hours. Next go around I plan to regularly pump and bottle feed, not too often that the baby prefers bottle, but often enough to know what to do with a bottle.

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  • If you have your insurance maxed (or a low deductible plan), definitely get yourself a pump! Insurance has to cover it with Obamacare. Call your insurance company to get the details.
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