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WTH, "Up"

So, if you've never seen the movie, Up, and you don't want me to spoil anything for you, stop reading.

It's on tv right now...I've never seen it and Sophie is napping, so why not, right? The main character and his wife can't have kids...this is told through a quick 5 min synopsis of their lives, including a scene where she is sobbing at the OB GYN...and then she dies.

Thanks a LOT!!! Now I'm a crying mess! Blaaaaarg! Maybe I'll just go outside and read instead.

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Sophie Joy was born 2/10/2013


Praying for my sister, RunCC37, to have her own miracle!

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Re: WTH, "Up"

  • Oh my God! This movie is so depressing in the beginning!!!

    TTC since 4/2010 - Me: 30 DH: 30 – unexplained
    9 medicated/monitored cycles = BFN
    IVF 1.2: ER: 5/29 - ET: 6/3 - 3 frosties!
    Beta: 6/12/12 = BFP!!  Beta#1: 162 | Beta#2: 535 | Beta#3: 2,445 | Beta#4: >9,000!

    Sophie Joy was born 2/10/2013


    Praying for my sister, RunCC37, to have her own miracle!

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  • Horrible beginning but great ending! Lol


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  • kmc84kmc84
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    It's on my watch list, but I've been holding off because I've heard it's so sad. My nieces and nephews love it, so it must get better!
    TTC#1 since 5/10
    Me:29 Type 1 Diabetes, Ankylosing Spondylitis DH:29 Perfect
    DX: Unexplained IF
    Many IUI's with various meds all BFFN
    IVF #1 11/11 canceled due to OHSS
    IVF #2 Feb/March 2012 ER 3/24 7R, 5F, ET 3/27 2 transferred, 4/7 BFP!!!
    5/1 u/s showed blighted ovum
    IVF #3 ER 7/10 8R, 7F, 7/13 ET 2 8 cell grade 3 and 1 6 cell grade 2
    Beta 7/24 270, 7/26 685, 7/30 3,086
    U/S 6w2d One perfect bean with a HR of 125
    Healthy baby girl born at 36w4d on 3/9/13
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  • Oh I know! I watched it in the midst of my darkest IF days. I just love to torrure myself. It gets better though.
    TTC with PCOS since November 2009
    IUI#1 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 3-7) = BFP, m/c
    IUI#2 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 5-9) = BFN
    IUI#3 Femara/Ovidrel (cd 3-7) = BFP!
    beta #1 11/23 = 270, P4 = 75
    beta #2 11/28 = 2055
    Our daughter E was born 7/29/2012!
    Surprise, here we go again. EDD 5.15.14
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  • I bawled during the opening scenes!! But it's a fantastic movie overall
    Diagonsed PCOS TTC since May 2009
    First M/C December 2010 Second M/C August 2011
    Oct 2011~Second round clomid 50 mg; BFN
    Nov 2011~Third round clomid 50 mg: BFP
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    Dec 27- third miscarriage
    May 25th- Beta #1 369;May 27th- Beta #2 798
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  • We watched Up before TTC, but I remember it was still really sad for a Disney movie! I watched Finding Nemo not too long after the boys were born and cried at the beginning... seriously wth Disney!
    Me: 30, DH: 30
    ~*~Married 8/31/08~*~

    DX: MFI due to Chemo/Stem Cell Transplant for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. RE said IVF is best option with DH's frozen boys.
    IVF #1 April 2012: Menopur and Bravelle; 1 egg retrieved, 0 fertilized. Boo.
    IVF #2 August 2012: Gonal-F 300, Menopur 300. Beta #1 9/6: 382... BFPx2!

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  • Omg, we saw that movie during some of our darkest IF days and I just broke down sobbing.

    It is a good movie though! I probably just should not have watched it when I did.
    IVF, ICSI, acupuncture, meditation and a miracle... our baby girl is here!


    Our sweet Valentine's day FET

  • Yeah, just watched it for the first time. Sobbed. And not just in the beginning.

    Damn IF.

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    SAIF on cycle 14, IUI #2, with 2% morph DX

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  • mnj05mnj05
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    I love this movie but definitely sad in the beginning.

    image image

    TTC #1 since 3/2011
    DX: anovulatory and severe MFI
    DH is a testicular cancer survivor
    12/11 first round of clomid 50 mg no response BFN 1/12 Clomid 100mg BFN 2/12 Clomid + metformin = BFN
    2/20/12 HSG all clear!
    IVF#1 w/ICSI lupron, gonal f, ovidrel
    ER 6/15/12 6R 6M 6F! ET 6/20/12
    Beta #1: 154 Beta #2: 509 Beta #3: 7326
    Baby Boy EDD 3/7/2013
    Hudson James born 3/1/2013 7lbs 15oz 21in long
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  • It's a great movie but I swear I cried the whole time!!
    MF (low motility) - Began stims for IVF#1 7/21/12
    ER 8/2/12 - 14 eggs retrieved, 12 mature and ICSI'd, 6 fertilized. ET 8/7 - 2 embies. Beta#1 8/17: 143! Beta#2 8/20: 590! Beta#3 8/22: 1,162! 1st US 9/4: one beautiful little bean with the best sounding HB I've ever heard!
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  • Yep I sobbed through the beginning. We were dealing with RPL at the time. Not cool.
    5 losses and several failed cycles
    2 miracles
    J born 4/19/10
    A born 5/16/13
  • Thankfully there was a lot of chatter about it on the boards so I was well prepared, but yeah, it certainly isn't just a cheerful kids movie.

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  • kaf7kaf7
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    Saw this before I was PAIF...I sobbed through the ENTIRE movie.

    Me: 31 DH: 29
    TTC since 09/10; azoospermia Dx 12/10

    Found sperm! 12/11 after 10 months of FSH and hCG injections
    IVF #1 04/12 - cancelled (poor response and new Dx of DOR)

    Surprise BFP on DHEA 06/27, Beta #1 1718 06/28!!!!
    Baby boy arrived March 11, 2013

    IVF/ICSI on DHEA 10/13 - 8R, 3M, 1F. Polypectomy  11/13.

    FET 01/16/14...BFFN
    No further plans for TTC

  • I'm not even kidding you .... I have never seen the whole movie because I had to turn it off after the first few minutes because I was a blubbering fool.  I will never forget it either because I attempted to watch it for the first time when we were told we should do IVF and I didn't know if we were going to be able to have kids.  

    HORRIBLE.  I'll never watch that movie.  Ever.    

    *My Loves, My Life, My Littles*

    02/18/11, 05/24/12 and 12/03/13

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