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thyroid level on newborn screen

Moving up from 3rd tri, and wish I had a better subject for my first post here.

I got a call from the hospital this afternoon that there was an "inconclusive" result for DD's thyroid level on her newborn screen, and we have to go in to have it tested again.

Has anyone else had experience with this? Anything specific I should ask when we go in?

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Re: thyroid level on newborn screen

  • MrsRKJMrsRKJ
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    Same thing happened to my LO.  Was retested a month later and came back normal.  They said it may have had to do with the fluids and/or medications he was on after delivery (I had a 33 weeker).  I'm sure it'll all be OK, good luck :)
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  • This happened to mesort of. I was born without a thyroid and they detected it in one of the newborn blood tests. If, in the slight chance, your baby was born with a thyroid problem, rest assured that it can be addressed with medication. The only thing is that thyroid levels will need to be monitored regularly.
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  • My DS had that test come back like that as well its common apparently just go for retest and see what they say. Ds came back fine I wouldnt worry to much 
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