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Dancing and blowing kisses

Cute alert: DS has discovered the art of dance. We went to a free trial KinderMusik class last week and he's been dancing ever since. He kind of just twists his upper body back and forth, and sometimes does a few steppity steps, but either way it's super adorable. He's always wanting us to put music on now. It's so much fun!
DC also taught him how to blow kisses. He puts his hand on his mouth then extends his arm out and says, "MMMAH!" So. Flippin. Cute.
What your LO doing these days that melts you into a puddle of cute overload??

Re: Dancing and blowing kisses

  • Cute! DS blows kisses too, usually to whoever we are Facetiming.

    He had us cracking up last week when he noticed his shadow! He kept walking backwards trying to watch it, lol.
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    My guys fave thing right now is this little Ha haaaa,  specially when he is being a butthead. 

    He said achoo today when his dad sneezed..DH used to do fake sneeze and say Achooo all the time and make him giggle.

    He actually high fived the guy at the dealership today when we went to pick up  our car after it was in for repairs ..some silly woman ran into us the other week.  Usually he only high 5's me or DH.

    He's definitely got some feisty in him lately.. and will point blank look you in the eye while he does something or other he isnt supposed to.. like blowing raspberries with is mouth full of yoghurt.. can't help but laugh, but he is such a turd.

    If he passes gas all you have to do is point at him and say "was that you?" and he starts laughing and we call it rootiiee tootie tootie and he just giggles and grins.  I have video of him at about 6 months falling asleep and laughing in his sleep everytime you say rootie tootie's frickin cute as hell.

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  • These are so cute! DH taught DD to stomp her feet and it is hilarious. She gets so happy. 
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  • So cute!  DS absolutely LOVES dancing!  He just kind of bounces up and down but it's so adorable.

    He has also started spinning in circles, and boy does he just think it's the funniest darn thing!  And he will now climb up DH or me - he comes over and reaches for our hands and then, using us to support his weight, brings his feet up our legs, torso, etc.  Hard to describe, but hopefully you understand. He gets so proud of himself when he reaches the "top".

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  • Yay, cute babies! This weekend DS learned how to "high five". He thinks it's great that he gets to slap someone and get praised for it. :D
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