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Hair wrapped around my poor baby's toe

My DH and I took DD to view a property this evening and my DD was inconsolable... meltdown in the car, fussy and crying the whole time. We put her down to check her diaper. She was wearing footed pants which I took off to change her dipe. For some reason I glanced down at her foot and noticed she had a hair wrapped SUPER tightly around two toes! They were red and looked so uncomfortable. I immediately freaked out and got histerical because obviously she was in lots of discomfort and I had no means of getting the hair off.

I told my H I wanted to go to emergency asap.

I called our midwife who we have an awesome relationship with and was in tears. She told me its more common than I thought and that even if its very tight we scan definitely get the hair off if DH holds her foot steady and we slip the end of baby nail scissors in and snip it.

We got home, luckily we were really close by, and DD somehow fell asleep in the car. When we got inside I was so happy she was asleep and getting some rest after being so upset.

I grabbed the baby manicure scissors and quietly examined DD's two toes. I very carefully slid the scissor under the hair on the first toe. I snipped the hair off of one toe successfully! DD woke up crying but less than 5 seconds later closed her eyes again. I did the same thing right away with the second toe and was able to snip the hair off successfully again. DD woke up again crying and I double checked all her toes again carefully and was so relieved that we were able to remove the hair. It was wrapped around both toes so tightly! My poor babe!

DH gave me the tightest hug ever and I picked my girl up, had a little cry, held her so, so close and gently bounced her around, giving her a hundred kisses.

I never knew how truly awful it feels when your child is in pain. It really is the worst feeling in the world. I don't know how I will be able to handle anything else that may come up in the future!!!

DD is currently snoozing so peacefully on my chest. I feel so grateful that she finally can rest and relax.

Mamas, check those precious tiny toesies frequently!



Re: Hair wrapped around my poor baby's toe

  • I am glad you found out what was bothering her and fixed it!

    I can totally relate to the horrible feeling you get when your child is in pain. I hate that feeling.

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  • I am glad you got it taken care of! Same thing happened to my niece....she needed a dr to get rid of it....so glad to hear your LO is ok!

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  • We call DD toe jam queen. She has monkey toes and always finds lint somewhere. Everyday I pick out fuzz between her toes and after reading this I'm glad I do. I'm glad you found it in time so there was no real damage. Nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong.
  • I've actually heard of that happening on little fingers.
  • I'm so glad you didn't need the ER. this is something we were actually warned about right after LO came. The injury can be severe if the hair isn't found in time
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  • image Mandmeesh:
    I'm so glad you didn't need the ER. this is something we were actually warned about right after LO came. The injury can be severe if the hair isn't found in time

    We are so glad also. We googled and saw some terrible cases.  




  • I feel so bad because I was going to post about this two days ago and never got around to it. It's called a hair tourniquet and happens to 1 in 4 babies. Check those toes often, and mommies of little boys, it can happen to their penises, too. My Dh's first done had one on his toe and almost lost the toe. He tells the story all the time, and sure enough, a few days ago, I found the beginning of one on LO.
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  • When my DH was in residency they had a baby come through the ER whose toe had to be amputated because the blood flow had been cut off for hours. It seems like I'm always checking every part of LO's body and because I'm losing some of my hair, I'm always finding it! So scary and glad she's okay!

  • Ok I didn't even know this was possible. Now I'm freaked out. My hair is super long and falls out constantly. Didn't think I had to worry about it being a danger!
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