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Cohen, Simon and......DS#3?

We are having our 3rd boy in the next couple of weeks, and we are trying to finalize our name.

 Top of the 3 contenders are:




I want something that sounds friendly with big brothers Cohen and Simon, but it doesn't have to end in an 'n', though that is what I am leaning towards.

Which are of the #3 above do you like best and do you have any of suggestions that would complete the sibset?  Middle name will most likely be Lee unless it just really doesn't work with the name we choose.  Thanks!

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Re: Cohen, Simon and......DS#3?

  • Ian is my fave of the 3 names, but I think it is awkward with Lee.

    Calvin is also a great name, but it's very similar to Cohen.

    I'm not a huge fan of Weston. 

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  • Ian

    in that order.

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  • I like Calvin the best out of the three but I don't like it with Cohen. I would go with Weston

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  • tmsgrltmsgrl
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    I like all of the names you chose but Weston the best with Cohen and Simon.  I have a Cohen too!   and a Levi.

  • I'd go with either Weston or Ian because I think Calvin doesn't go well with Cohen.

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  • Honestly, I don't love any of the names on your list. I'll suggest the name August. :)

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  • Thanks for the responses so far. Does any one else have other suggestions as well, that they think would go well with my first two boys names?
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  • I love Ian. DH said no. :.

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  • Ian

    If open to suggestions what about

    Cullen I know a cullen cohen sib set


    If I had to pick out of your three ian by a mile! Good luck
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  • Are you looking for another jewish name for the set?


    What about Aaron?

  • I like Ian best with sibling names!
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  • I like Ian best out of your list. 

    I also feel like Ari would make a nice addition to Cohen and Simon. 

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  • SRK128SRK128
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    Love Ian but Ian Lee doesn't sounds too good! Weston is NMS and Calvin and Cohen are too close. 
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  • Before I looked at your choices I thought of Gideon. I like Benjamin with sibs, too.

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  • LOVE Weston!

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