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How long can DC sickness last?? (mostly a vent)

DS (11 months) has pretty much been sick nonstop since he started DC 7 weeks ago. First it was the stomach flu, then cold, then the flu, now another cold. So DH and I have been sick pretty much nonstop too. I'm exhausted. With the latest fever/cold, DS refuses to drink anything. So we've resorted to using a syringe to get water into him every few hours, and the pinning him down, struggles, worrying is getting totally exhausted!

 I know all kids get sick when they start DC, but someone please tell me that we are closing on the end?! 

Re: How long can DC sickness last?? (mostly a vent)

  • aglennaglenn
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    Well, the summertime should help things let up a bit, but I would expect the pattern to continue in the fall.  The first couple of cold/flu seasons are brutal for little ones who are in daycare.  DS has been sick pretty much constantly since September.  I remember going through the same thing with DD and starting to wonder if something was wrong with her because she was ALWAYS sick...and just about the time I started to really freak out about it, it got better.

    My pedi says that the early toddler years (age 1-2) is kind of the peak of it, because with mobility they are getting their hands (and mouths) on so much stuff and there is really no way to prevent it.  Hang in there!

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  • Wish I could tell you it magically stops, but we've given it almost 18 months and we're throwing in the towel and switching to a nanny.

    I would say we've averaged one sick day per week (between the two kids) over that span of time.

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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    DD1 was sick the 1st yr often; at least 1 wk a month she had a cold or something. She had a 3 wk virus in June and then she was not sick again for 10 months. Summer time does help and ear tubes.

    DD2 was sick zero times her first yr. You read that right zero times. In her two yrs of life I think she's only had one EI as far as illnesses.

    In summary, it depends on the child. In my household and a pattern amongst my multiple kid mommys-the first child bears the worse of illnesses.

    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
  • Yeah, no good news for you here.  DS got sick constantly for his whole first year.  He missed at least a day of school per week.  It was down to 1-2 days/month for his second, third and fourth years.  He is home today with strep throat.

    I am crossing my fingers that DD is a little hardier.  She hasn't gotten sick from most of the stuff DS had this year.

    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
  • DD started preschool in January(after being home with a nanny), and she was sick for 3 months straight including stomach virus, the flu, 2 ear infection, and colds in between all that.  She's been pretty good since then, just an occasional cold.
  • jbatchjbatch
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    I run a daycare and from my experience kids are sick the first 3 months or so..

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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  • It was a rough first year but he also started right near the start of cold and flu season, I think you'll get some reprieve now that everyone is getting sick less in general since it is summer. Also a lot of the stuff he got you only get once usually like rosela, hand foot and mouth, etc.  This second year has been a huge improvement, he's sick a lot less  and when he does get sick it is usually just a minor head cold that doesn't keep him from being his usually bubbly self. Hang in there!!
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  • I think it depends on the cleaning habits of the DC, at home, and then the child's immune system. My DD got sick one time her first year. DS caught a cold.

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  • 2-Step2-Step
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    Wish I had better news for you. Since having our second we've had sick kids since last October. For about three months there wasn't a full week that went by that me or one of my kids wasn't sick. I ended up getting put on steroids for a sinus infection that wouldn't leave after two months, that helped for a couple months. We had a reprieve for about a month and then this month we've had strep and the stomach flu already! 

    My pedi swears to me that this too shall pass and it's perfectly normal. I had planned on maybe having another kid, but this is brutal, I can't imagine how it would be with three passing things around! 

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  • My niece has the permanent daycare kennel cough, that's what they call it. Just be happy when they hit public school they won't get sick as much.
  • image maddie7:
    Just be happy when they hit public school they won't get sick as much.
    Yup, it'll happen sooner or later. I'm glad we got it out of the way early. DH is always sick when DD brings home a bug from daycare, while I barely get a sniffle. He looks at me like I'm a traitor, and I tell him it's because I spent 4 years teaching preschool. I paid my dues; it's his turn!
  • When DS1 first started daycare, my GP cautioned me to expect him to be sick the first 2 weeks of the month and also the last 2 weeks of the month for about 6 months.

    He was right.

    Now the kid is never sick. (He's 6).

    Give it a few months.

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  • No encouraging words here. We are pulling them out of day care and getting a nanny. Last month was insane. DH was sick and was hospitalized. I was sick for a week. DS1 was next. Now baby has an ear infection. Professionally, we can't do it anymore.
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  • image honeybee111:
    DD started preschool in Januaryafter being home with a nanny, and she was sick for 3 months straight including stomach virus, the flu, 2 ear infection, and colds in between all that. nbsp;She's been pretty good since then, just an occasional cold.

  • It's also about the age/what they do. We have a nanny and even so the 12year age has been horrible with illnesses. We had a break for a couple months but other than that it's been all kinds of sicknesses all the time
  • For us, the 2nd year has been far worse than the first.  He was in the baby room the first year, and the kids didn't interact much.  Now, they all share germs.  :)

    That being said, it feels worse than it really is. He CONSTANTLY has a cold, but illnesses that require him to stay home from daycare are much less common. I think he's had to stay home from daycare 4 days in 2013 so far.

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  • I agree with the comments that it's better to get it out the way now, instead of when they're in school. I teach kindergarten and had two kiddos this year with no prior daycare/preschool experience who were constantly sick with every cold and stomach bug that went through our class (sometimes missing whole weeks of school), because they had no immunity built up. I'm sure it's really hard now, but it will pay off in a few years, when they don't have to miss school!
  • LO started daycare at 13 weeks and we dealt with sickness for most of months 5,6,7,8,9, and 10. LO is 14 months now and things are a lot better. Pretty sure summer and sunlight help a lot. So it does get better I think. I hope your little one feels better soon!
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