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So...when is the milk just "supposed to come in"??!!

My LO is 18 weeks, going on 19. When I feed him it's like there's never enough to satisfy his hunger. I keep switching boobs to give them time to produce his age-appropriate milk but he often unlatches and cries.

I pump at night to keep the flow up, drink plenty of water, and am home for summer break.

Is it his age or me?!

Re: So...when is the milk just "supposed to come in"??!!

  • Could be that he's going through a growth spurt, but maybe he's not crying from hunger. Is he gassy? Sleepy/cranky? Teething?  

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  • I figure he's hungry because when I offer the boob he opens wide and sucks like mad. He's usually a real low-key baby and will only cry for hunger or if he's both hungry/sleepy.

    He's in the 60% range for height and weight so he's doing a pretty great job of getting his nourishment. :)

    I just wonder if it's a four-month thing and/or if it's my body. :/

    I have heard of so many mommas who stopped bf at 4 months and I don't want that to be me. :(

  • He may just enjoy sucking. My daughter will eat as much as we'll give her and then spit up everywhere because there's no where for it to go. Once we distract her for a few seconds (toys, paci, etc), she's happy as can be. 

    You said it yourself - he's doing a great job of getting his nourishment. 

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  • My son does the same thing he just wants to pacifi on me and when he in latches and started crying I have figured out its because he wants to still suck and pacifi but is bad because the milk keeps flowing and he doesn't want it to keep coming
  • When he un latches is what i ment darn auto correct
  • As long as he's gaining enough and staying consistent on his growth curve, and also having enough wet and dirty diapers, I wouldn't worry.  He probably just has a strong sucking urge.  You could try to introduce a paci and see if that will help, but he probably just wants to comfort nurse.

    If you truly think it's a supply issue there are herbal supplements you can take to help, like fenugreek.  I would schedule an appointment with an LC to learn about how to use them safely.

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