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I feel like waiting is the hardest part. I am so impatient at this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly thankful that my baby is healthy and moving around all the time but the anticipation of her arrival is horribly frustrating. I had another dr appt on Wednesday and she said the bottom of my cervix is open but the top is still closed... not dilated yet at all. I just felt so hopeless that I had a big cry fest in the car on the way home and for like an hour after my husband and I got home. Poor hubs... he's so patient with me. I know she'll be here soon enough but I hate this waiting period and not knowing what to expect. Anyone else feeling like this? 
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  • I am 40 weeks/1 day too, so I am right there with you, girl! and my OB has said to make sure my bag is packed and that it could be "any day" since 38 weeks.  hmmm...still no baby.

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  • I'm only 38wks and feeling like this. I'm having my first internal today and think ill cry if nothing is happening and panic if something is haha. I've been waiting for this appt for so long and now in getting nervous/anxious about it.
  • 40+ 5... I feel like the most pregnant person in the entire world. I'm trying not to get discouraged, but it's really hard at this point. My mom keeps telling me she wasn't dilated at all until labor actually started, so there is hope Smile

    I'm passing the time bouncing on my exercise ball and online shopping... DH is even more hopefully this ends soon, before I max out the visa...

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  • I went two weeks past my due date with my first, so I feel for you. It was the longest two weeks ever. I went into labor (very early stages) the night before I was set to be induced.  

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  • Yes, I'm still 2 days away from my due date but I'm getting very anxious to meet the baby. I tried to tell myself early on that I wouldn't get impatient since I knew first time moms often go late, but the waiting game is hard. Hang in there! 
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  • 40 weeks 3 days. Only 1cm dilated when checked this morning. The nurse practitioner said 2 yesterday but dr checked today and said definitely only 1cm. Try not to get discouraged. We all have hope! It could happen for us any day!
  • I'm only 38 weeks and I feel this way. Every little leak I feel like "is it my mucous plug?! Is it my water breaking?!" not to mention the BH contractions can sometimes last 2 hours and can be quite intense only to dissipate when I walk around. I'm so ready to meet him!
  • Yes, I'm 38 weeks, 4 cm dilated, 80% effaced since Monday and still no baby. His head is deep in my pelvis and every time I stand up the pain is horrible, contractions are irregular so its not time yet. OB said she would be surprised if I made it to my appt. On Monday...ugh I have a feeling that's what's going to happen.
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