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Paternity Leave

I am watching a segment about paternity leave on The Today Show.  First of all, for some reason it made me cry, crazy mom emotions.

 Just wondering, how many of your SO's had paternity leave and how many took it?  DH was just 6 months into a new job so he only took 3 days off.


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Re: Paternity Leave

  • SO went back the day after we came home.

    It sucked hard.

    I hear Canadian dads get 6 months.

    Those Canadians have it ALL.

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  • H had three weeks. He took another week of FMLA and then took a week in October. They loved him at his old job. Why in God's name he wanted to leave is beyond me.
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  • DH had 2 weeks paid paternity leave, he took the whole 2 weeks off.

    Eta: He took a week off in October, too.

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  • DH was supposed to have a week off - though unpaid.  However, his boss called him the day after we got home telling him he had to work a few hours here, a few hours there, run this errand or that.  He wasn't even paid for the "errands".  DH's boss is a douchcanoe.

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  • DH was on summer vacation, so he had 4 weeks before the next academic year started.  He took a few random days of FMLA during the school year to watch DS when I had events at the office.
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  • He didn't have "paternity leave" but he used his vacation time and took from the Wednesday I was induced to the following Monday which gave him about a week and a half.
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  • DH saved up for quite a while to get to stay home with us.

    started with 2 weeks right after LO came, then went backto work for 2 weeks, then he was off for 2 1/2 months.  between FMLA, PTO and sick time, we only lost half pay for half of his leave.

    it was really lovely having him home! but at least right now he works 10's so he gets 3 day weekends every week. we love having him home the extra day, even if it means he's gone a little longer during the week.

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  • DH actually finished teaching his summer classes the day I went into labor. He had 2 weeks off until the fall semester started. With his teaching schedule he only has to go in to teach twice a week, so he is around to help a lot.

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  • DH got zippy. They allow like three days of leave or something pathetic, but it's unpaid. My current job allows fathers 12 weeks, but it is also unpaid.



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  • My Hubby took three weeks at the beginning and then another week around 8weeks pp and another at twelve weeks. He didn't really have leave nor dis he get paid for the time off as he is union and doesn't get traditional PTO but it was so worth it to have family bonding time.
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  • Dh's job gave him 5 days but with our short stint in the NICU we came home on his day 5. He had to go back to work the day after we got home. I wish he had asked for more time off.

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    DH works for a family business and pretty much runs it with his father.  So no real paternity leave, but he was able to take off the 5 days we were in the hospital plus a week home.  He really couldn't be away much longer than that! 


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  • DH took two weeks off.  We're lucky that he's in a faculty equivalent situation in his job and can do that.
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  • DH got the standard 10 days the military gives... He took an extra 14 days of the 30 days leave we get a year. It felt like a long time and it was
    great to have him home.
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  • My husband took a week off. This is a very sore subject with me. He keeps saying "I couldn't really do anything, they don't have paternity leave." Bite me. He gets two weeks of paid vacation time a year plus two personal days, and he could have taken fmla unpaid. We have plenty of savings, we wouldn't have gone without groceries or anything if he took a little extra time off. Instead he took a week and saved the other week to take off between Christmas and New Years. He also went on a business trip the week after Gabe was born. I wanted to throat punch him.
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    Like another PP mentioned, me and DD both saved up our leave for a very long time!  Doesn't hurt that DD has been with his job for 10 years and I've been with mine 7 years.  We were saving our leave that whole time just waiting to use it on a baby!  I guess the only positive thing about infertility is that it gave us extra time to save our leave!   

    DH' took a total of 12 weeks.  All FMLA.  All paid because he has a rediculous amount of leave saved up.  He probably has enough leave to take another 12 weeks!  LOL! 

    Anyway, he took 4 weeks at the beginning.  I went back to work after 16 weeks, and at that time he was home with DD for his remaining 8 weeks.  It worked out well because she was 24 weeks (almost 6 months) before she started DC. 

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  • DH was literally able to take off one day...the day DD was born.  She was born on Monday night at 8PM and he had to go back to work the next day. It seriously sucked.  It was soooo lonely in the hospital.  He had just started a new job so he really didn't have any choice.  This next time will be MUCH better!  I'm going to make sure he's at least off for the days we're in the hospital and probably the first day that we're home.




  • In Canada you or the spouse can take maternity leave or the male gets paternity leave. I think he can get a whole year if he wanted but then I would have to work. I am taking the year off as he makes more. So whatever he takes comes out if my year. Make sense?

    Dh used his vacation time he was home for two weeks. We always do that as I eBF. More so he can help with older kids

  • DH took 2 weeks off when LO was born. He used vacation time to get paid for it, but officially it was FMLA.
  • Dh had only been at his job for 3 months so he couldn't take time off. We came home on a Sunday and he went to work on Monday. He is now taking his paternity leave to go on vacation with us. He is taking 2 weeks. It'll be nice for both of us to have time off together with the baby now that he is older and interacts more.
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  • DH is a teacher and I work for a school. DS was due in August so we thought we'd have a couple weeks for DH to be home with us before he went back to work.  I took maternity leave for the fall.  Instead, we got out of school June 26, and DS was born early June 29 while DH was at a training that started the day after school got out in Tahoe.  Having him miss the birth was pretty awful but it did mean he got the whole summer to spend with DS once he came home from his time in the NICU. 
  • DH got two weeks paid paternity leave. It was really nice to have him around.
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  • DH took 2 weeks initially (1 week paternity leave, 1 week vacation) and then an additional 3 weeks after I went back to work.  He's covered under FMLA and had a lot of earned time saved up.
  • Yep, we have paid paternity leave here in CA. 6 weeks at 50 percent pay. DH took off about 10 days at the birth, from the day of induction. Then when I went back to work, he took the remaining 4.5 weeks. That made us able to push back the start of daycare to beginning of January.
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  • DH is self employed. He took two weeks off, but then obviously needed to get back to work.
  • DH took 3 weeks unpaid at the beginning. He works for himself, so he doesn't qualify for paid paternity leave.

    BBJ, the way it works in Canada is we have 17 weeks of maternity leave, and 35 weeks of parental leave paid by employment insurance. The maternity leave is taken by the mom [or primary caregiver, in the case of adoption] but the parental leave can be taken by either parent, or split between both parents for a total of 35 weeks.

    So, any time dad took in paid parental leave, the mom would go back to work early for that same amount of time.  

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  • DH went back to work while we were in the hospital! He used his last 2 days vacation for the day DS was born and day after. I stayed 4 days, though, because I ended up with a c-section. We just couldn't afford for him to miss much work. I actually didn't mind it. He was getting stir crazy from being cooped up and it allowed me to rest more when I sent DS to the nursery.

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  • Military gets 10 days (including weekends) so a week... It can be taken any time in the first year.

    Since DH was deployed he took it when he got back from his deployment on top of their R&R. 

    After a 6 month deployment they get 15 days off (including days they have to go in for appointments/to drop things of)...

    But he got 25 because he took his paternity leave.

  • DH had an awesome leave. From December 1- end of the school year, he stayed home with N every Monday and Friday. It saved on daycare and he got to enjoy some of her fun time. I think it amounted to 40ish days?
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  • My husband took 4 days off, but he was home for 9.  The way it worked out was that she was born on a Friday, so he was off F/S/Su, he worked on Monday, and then had the rest of that week off. 

    Those first few days are a sore spot with me, though, because that Tues/Wed he was outside in the garage cleaning it up because it was a mess.  I know that was his "guy thing" to try and organize -- he was so freaked out that we had a kid and he was trying to organize some kind of chaos because he didn't know what to do, but I basically didn't have any help for Tues/Wed because he was outside all day long.  I still *** and him about it even though he's a wonderful dad and helps me out whenever I ask.  I guess I need to let it go...? ;)

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