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Sugar-free candy?

Hi all,

I've noticed in some posts about what to take in your hospital bag that a few people listed sugar free hard candy.  Is there a reason that it needs to be sugar free?  I ask because I have a big bag of lifesavers at home, and I know that my hospital has a slushie machine for laboring moms (yay!) which I haven't heard is sugar free. 


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Re: Sugar-free candy?

  • Sugar usually makes you more thirsty, I believe that is the reason they suggest sugar free candy.

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  • I'm jealous of the slushie machine.
  • image collers4:
    image Asbromle:
    I'm jealous of the slushie machine.
    Seriously! Slushie machine?! Sign me up. And I agree with PP about sugar making you thirsty. This makes me curious as to why they would suggest sf candies but then offer slushies. I wonder if it's just a glorified ice chip machine.


    Yes it very well could be a glorified ice chip machine.  I'm trying to temper my expectations on that one.  Thanks for the tip about sugar making you more thirsty - makes sense now!

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  • image Asbromle:
    I'm jealous of the slushie machine.

    Seriously jealous!!  

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    because it didn't fucking snow enough for me to build my own
  • I am also curious about this.

    I avoid fake sugar.. So sugar free just seems not right to me. Also, the bag of sugar free stuff says eating more than a few will act as a laxative. I'm not sure if that's something I want.
  • image Asbromle:
    I'm jealous of the slushie machine.

    Super jealous!!!
  • I'm gonna take a few Peggie pops and some gum. Hopefully that will help. I'm sure I'll be all over the ice chips, too. 
  • I was told lollipops. No candy. They want to prevent choking. So I bought a bag of dum dums. Now I'm rethinking bc I'm always thirsty. I must drink 80100 oz of water a day.
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  • How does candy help when in labor? FTM here and curious
  • Sucking on something can help with dry mouth which is apparently a common occurrence during labor. Sugarfree is recommended because sugar candy will just make you thirstiest.

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