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Can I expense this?

I have an all-day work meeting on Saturday.  The 2nd Saturday in a row. DH has had something the last couple weekends that has been planned way in advance.  Last weekend my dad was able to watch DD but this weekend we have to hire a babysitter for 4 hours so I can work and DH can go to his event.  That is $50.  

 Can I ask work to expense our babysitting costs?

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Re: Can I expense this?

  • My guess would be probably not. You could write it off on taxes if that's the route you go.

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  • Coming from an HR professional, no you can't. I am assuming somewhere in your job descrption or coversations you have been made aware that you could have to work occasional Saturdays.

     I recently had someone who travels, request reimbursement for their dog being boarded because his wife was also traveling the same week.

    Unfortunately, if the job requires travel, weekend hours or occasional nights etc, its up to the employee to find care. etc.

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