weaning hormones..holy moly..what did you experience?

My son turned one year last week, EBF, and I've been in the process of weaning the past three weeks (dropping one pump or feeding per week).  I am down to one nursing session a day and plan to drop that in two weeks when I'll be away on business for a week.  Anyway, I am experiencing some crazy emotions and symptoms which I believe are all related to weaning...

Extreme mood swings, VERY tired, irritated with everything, dizzy, depressed, very low motivation. Since about the second week of weaning I've experienced lots of bad cramps like I am getting my period but it's never came (I haven't got it back yet postpartum). PS I did take a preggo test just to be safe to check the symptoms weren't that.

I know/think this is all normal, but was curious if this was similar to what you experienced when you weaned?  How long did it take to feel "normal" again?

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Re: weaning hormones..holy moly..what did you experience?

  • I have the symptoms I had during my 1st tri but I know I'm not preg. Nausea, headache, cramps, etc. my appetite has reduced though.
  • All normal. I was very out of it for a few weeks after/during weaning. Then, my periods were horrible for a few months- mood wise.
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  • I'm going thru a similar thing...not quite as bad as you describe but  I keep getting 'ovulation cramps' but no AF yet (and those have been going on for more than 2 weeks).  I'm tired but it has helped to start exercising more.  My face has been breaking out insanely again.

    But we won't be completely weaned until after my trip next week. (and we are still at 2 feedings a day b/c dropping one seems impossible). 

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  • When I started weaning DS at 15 months, I thought I was coming down with a terminal illness.  I am dead serious.  I went to my family doctor and told her I thought I had a brain tumor.  I felt the same - mood swings, woozy, tired, etc... plus I became nauseous.  It was absolutely brutal.

    It honestly took me months to feel "normal" and it really took me months and months to really accept that there was nothing physically wrong with me.  It totally messed me up for a while.  Wish I knew that's what it was at the time.  It took me a long time and lots of research to accept it.

    I am BFing again now, so I will prepare myself for it when I wean DD.

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  • My son weaned himself pretty suddenly at around 12.5 months.  I didn't have any symptoms, aside from physical discomforts, until about three weeks later, and it all hit at once.  I got really depressed, which scared me because I'd never experienced anything like it before.  It wasn't a "funk" or just sad because of ending the whole breastfeeding bond.  It lasted a few weeks, and right when it got so bad I finally broke down and said I'd call a doctor, it went away.  

     I did mention it to my OB/GYN after the fact, and she said it could be connected to your body no longer producing oxytocin, a chemical that makes you feel good.  So not really the best analogy, but you go through a withdrawal of sorts. 

     There's so much info and support out there for moms beginning to breastfeed, as there should be, but not much at all for going through the weaning process.  I sure wasn't expecting it. 

  • Thank you all so much!  I do have an OB appt in a couple weeks so if I am still experiencing this will talk to her about it too. Hope the crazy stops soon:)!! 

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  • I experienced some major hormonal "crashes" as I ended up calling it! I would get so irritated that it would make me rage, and then the next minute I would be sobbing over a sad commercial/other random thing that sparked emotions. I couldn't believe how extreme it was and was shocked I had no warning! I definitely didn't read about this side effect while weaning ANYWHERE! And I do my research! 

    It lasted about a month for me, but I got pregnant the month I completely weaned, so I got a new set of hormones surging through. I don't know if my experience is any indication of how long it really does last.  

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