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For those who have extended bfing...DD is 20 months old and is only nursing before naptime and before bedtime. Each session is at the most 30 seconds long but usually more like 10 seconds...I feel like she's starting to self wean because she just isn't as interested...she'll nurse on one side and then she's trying to get down off my lap. There was one day last week where before bed she just wasn't interested at all so I just snuggled her for a couple minutes and then put her in bed. As soon as I left the rooms she just sat up and started sobbing, kind of seemed like her feelings were hurt or something lol so I went in, nursed her and then when I laid her down she went right to sleep. So I guess she thought she didn't want to nurse but then changed her mind? IDK lol.

My question is how did you finally just end the breastfeeding for good. I'm having a medical problem and I need to start taking a medication soon...went to the Dr today and our plan is for me to try to be done and starting the medication in about 2 weeks. I guess at this point since the nursing is so minimal I may need to just "rip the bandaid off" I just feel guilty about it for some reason...any advice? Anyone been in a similar situation?

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