Question for those who've used a sitter...

The hubby and I are going to a concert tomorrow night and leaving the boys with a sitter for the first time. We've only left them a couple of other times and it was with family.  I'm beyond anxious about it for a zillion reasons but I also don't know her well, she was referred by my cousin who used her before. 

 Anyway, 2 quick questions. She's coming at 4, so I asked her if she will need something to eat and she said no. Do I cook something and leave it for her anyway?? Leave money to order a pizza? That's a long time to go without eating but she is a big girl so I don't want to be pushy. Second question is with paying her. Do I pay her a full hour if we are 10 minutes past? What about 30 minutes? Silly questions I know but ones I've never had to think about before. Wish me luck :)!! 

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Re: Question for those who've used a sitter...

  • Good luck and enjoy yourself at the concert! As for the food issue, I say leave some money and if she uses it, she uses it. If not, at least she had the option. Maybe she will end up bringing her own food? Better to be safe than sorry. As for extra time, just think about how you would feel in that situation and judge by that. I say definitely pay extra if youre a half hr or more least by half of what youre paying her for an hour. If youre 10 mins or, just depends. If its a late night, I say yes. Im always in the thought that if ai have to give 5 or 10 extra bucks to make sure the sitter is happy, Im willing to do that so my DH and I can enjoy another evening out.
  • I always tell sitters they are free to eat whatever food is in my cupboards.  Some bring food, some don't.  I used to buy snacks and candy for them, but that was too high maintenance.  If you have some leftovers that she could easily heat up, point that out (or where the cereal is).

    If I'm past the hour, I give a little extra.  I try to be early if at all possible, just so that doesn't happen.

    If you're nervous, ask for text updates every hour.  I also always text and ask how bedtime is going. 

  • I never leave money for pizza/delivery- but I always have things to eat that are quick and easy- and the basics- bread, lunch meat, cereal, soup, a frozen pizza, chips, fresh veggies, fresh fruit.... these are all things that we always have so I just tell them to help themselves.

    As for payment- I always round up- meaning even if I am 10 minutes past the hour I give them the full hour.  But I have to add that my babysitter watches a lot of other kids from my twin group- so I want her to be happy and watch my kiddos over the others in the group LOL.  She is very respondsible and I trust her totally.

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  • I always tell sitters to help themselves to food, but I never leave money. As for paying, I round to the half hour. So if we're gone 3 hrs. 20 min I would pay for 3.5 hours.
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