Nursing Bra suggestions

Hey ladies I need nursing bras and I'd like your suggestions. I need something super adjustable and a smaller band and a huge cup, as I'm 4'10" and a 34 EE.

Re: Nursing Bra suggestions

  • I shop at she's got a great selection. I loved my Elomi and Goddess brand nursing bras.
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  • I like the Bravado Allure. I am a 32F, and it fits great. I am also short, so what I like BEST about this bra is that the shoulder straps can adjust as far as you need them. Most bras only go up part of your back. I feel that this bra fits great in the cup, around the torso, and on the shoulders.
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  • I love my Bella Materna wire free mesh plunge bra. It is probably my favorite bra I've ever worn and will probably still wear mine when I'm finished nursing. It has 6 sets of hooks in the back and the shoulder straps adjust pretty far so it is super adjustable. It even has a hook to use it as a racerback bra.
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  • I'm very full figured and love the Bravado line.
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  • zmosszmoss
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    I swear by the Anita brand. I wear a 34-36 F now and this bra really helped lift the ladies and give me my shape back. They are pricey ($50 +) but worth it. Some are more stylish than others but I think they make up in function what they may lack in style.
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