Blood in Spit-up

My baby just spit up a tiny bit if curdled milk with a reddish tinge to it. Is this common with breastfeeding? It hurts for about 30 seconds when she latches on, so I've been using cream, but it's possible my nipples are cracked. There's no blood on the pads, but I try to air dry before adjusting the padding.

I'm trying not to overreact, but was hoping to hear of some similar experiences. 

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Re: Blood in Spit-up

  • It happened to me a couple of times early on. The first definitely made me nervous! We called the after hours line and the first question they asked was if I was breastfeeding and they said it was common. I couldn't see that my skin was broken either.
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    Thank you! That makes me feel better that the cracks aren't always obvious. We are new to breastfeeding (she had to have pumped milk for two months, but she latched for the first time on Saturday and hasn't had a bottle since then). I'm going to pump on the sore side for a day or two and give it some time to heal. 
    DS1 - 9; DS2 - 6; Angel - May 10, 2011; Baby Girl - Due May 19, 2013
  • This happened to me too. It's scary and seems gross but it's totally ok. The milk and a little blood are fine for LO to ingest.
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  • I had this experience when my LO was two weeks.  It made me so nervous but the nurse assured me it was normal.  I couldn't tell my nipples were cracked at the time either.
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