Who uses Hygeia?

I can get the Hygeia Enjoye pump from my insurance for free.  Theres other options like Lansinoh, Avent, or Allegro Double.  Im going to go with Hygeia because its hospital grade.     Any user reviews?

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Re: Who uses Hygeia?

  • I have one - also got it free with insurance. It's been great so far. Easy to clean and lightweight.
  • I EP and have used the Hygeia since January. I love it!

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  • I liked mine while it worked. It broke and lost suction.  Hygeia has had it in service for three months now.
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  • I love my Hygeia Enjoye. I got it for the hospital grade thing too, but I found it has even more perks I had no idea about. It is a closed system so I can use it for my next child and not waste anymore time/money going through my insurance again. It has an internal battery so I don't have to worry about finding a plug when I bp. And if you need it, there is a voice recorder so you can record your babies voice and play it back to help (I ended up using it once and not needing it, but my friend used it a lot because she says she gets more milk out faster that way). The pump isn't as well known as some of the others but I am so glad I got it and no complaints!

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