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I posted the other day thinking my supply was drying up and I got a lot if advice to ask EPers for help.

So here I am at 8.5 months. I supplement most of my daughters meals with formula so I guess really she is formula fed with supplements of breast milk. I work nights and sat night I worked and did not produce anything in my pump breaks. That morning when I got home I was very engorged and painful. I used a warm compress and pumped for and hour and a half to get it all out. I made 3.5oz which is almost an all time high for me. Then Sun, Mon, Tues I produced only about 2 oz a day. Then Wed I made about 4. Today I seem to be not producing much at all.

I really would love to make it to a year. And the thought of stopping makes me very sad. I am pumping every 34 hours for 30 min but trying to fit in some short pumps too. I am on fenugreek and lactation cookies. I was taking domperidone but I never saw a huge help maybe 0.5 oz and I am out. I am drinking as much water as possible.

So do you ladies have any advice? Is there still hope to make it to a year. Ever one bottle a day would make me so happy!!

Re: EPers please help

  • not sure what pump you are using. per my lactation consultant pumps you can buy in stores are to be used once you have established your supply.  my son was tongue-tied, which caused my milk not to come in for 8 days.  at 9th day rented a hospital grade pump and my milk finally came in - now am producing over 30 ounces a day.  I wonder if you rented 1 for a month if that would do anything.
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  • Hello. I have actually been using the symphony at home and the models pump in style at work.

    Unfortunately i am going to have to returned the symphony back to wic but may have to rent another.
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