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Hi ladies! Got a question for those of you who have btdt: DH has a week off of work in July, when LOs will be just shy of 7 months. He wants to take a vacation somewhere and is asking for my input of where I want to go. We wouldn't fly anywhere; we live in MI and our typical traveling adventures usually include camping, beach-going and walking around touristy towns, but all of that honestly sounds like a PITA with twin babies who right now get kinda out of sorts when they are out of their routine. So I'm wondering, have any of you ladies "vacationed" with twins at this age? What kinds of places or activities do you think would be most 7-month-old friendly? Any other traveling tips? TIA! :)

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  • Hi.  I haven't BTDT yet, but will be in a couple of weeks.  My boys will be 8 months old.  We are driving (10 hour drive pre-kids) to visit family.  My boys are best when we are slaves to the schedule, so I have no idea how this will go.  But, I would advise you to stay in a condo vs a hotel, so that you can have a room to nap/sleep the babies in, so you don't have to go to bed at the same time.  The advice I've been given in addition to this is to stick to your schedule as much as you can.  In a few more months we are renting a condo in San Diego as well.  My boys love outings and seeing new things, so I'm hoping that if we wear them out enough during the day, they will do great at night.  Zoos, parks, touristy things & hikes will fill our days.

    Oh, and you should see my pack list for the babies.   I keep reminding DH that next year we won't need 1/2 of these things. :)   Good luck.

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  • Is there somewhere you could go where there would be enough activities for you near your cabin/hotel room?  Honestly with 7 month old twins who need naps, you're going to need to stay near anyway, unless they sleep well on the go.

    For me, vacations weren't worthwhile until my kids slept well away from home.  Before that, they were so stressful it just wasn't worth it. 

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    We did a beach trip when my girls were 11 mos old and we were careful to pick a rental house that worked well for us - it was open concept but we rented and brought baby gates, we brought duck tape to baby proof outlets cords, etc and set up a fairly safe place to play in the living area.  They didn't like the beach for long periods, they slept okay but we rented full size cribs.  All in all - it was lots of work and money.  I kind of wish we'd skipped it. This year we are trying it again but only going for half the week and the other half the week DH and I are going to take the girls to school and catch up on stuff around the house.

    I think by the time they are 3 - vacations will be much easier.  

    So bottom line - if you want to go somewhere just don't plan for it to be relaxing but it is quality family time, plan ahead to stay somewhere that works for two babies and continue to maintain their schedule. 


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  • Thanks for the input gals! Yeah, I'm not laboring under any assumptions that it will be relaxing by any stretch of the imagination (more of an "adventure vacation" ha). We are thinking of renting a house or condo and maybe inviting one of my or DH's sisters to come with us to maybe lend a hand. Guess we'll see how it goes!
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