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Photographers help me out

I know there are a few pros on the board and some other hobby ones like myself.   I keep seeing professional photos of very vivid clear eyes but when I try mine come out looking all black.  I know some of this is editing, but you also have to be able to capture the eyes correctly to edit them to look like that.   Can suggestions or input for me?

Here is a photo I took this week of LO trying to get her eyes.  We were in front of a sliding glass door around 10am so the natural lighting was really good.  I THINK my exposure and was good but I don't know what else to change.   If I up the exposure it ends up majorly over exposed...but then I can see her eyes better.



Re: Photographers help me out

  • I can't add anything but just wanted to say how beautiful she is!

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  • image JBDamonM:
    I can't add anything but just wanted to say how beautiful she is!

    Aw, thank you


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