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Please share with me...

Hi ladies, I was referred here by some of the wonderful mommies on the November '13 board.

I'm 22 and expecting my first - she was a surprise, too (but that's a whole different story). I had the anatomy scan on Monday, and as far as the ultrasound tech could see, there is a strong baby girl growing inside of me. She said she saw no cause for concern, no abnormalities, all the measurements looked great and matched up perfectly with the EDD according to my last cycle, etc. My doctor has not done the final report yet, however, so I'm still waiting to hear on that.

Then my husband and I got a call yesterday afternoon telling me that my quad screen came back with a 1 in 12 chance for Down Syndrome. My doctor scheduled me for a level II ultrasound with a specialist on the 17th, and from there I have to decide if I want an amnio done.

I am so confused and scared by these results. I know it is just a screening and that my chances are around 8% according to the quad screen alone, but I want to be prepared to love and care for this little girl the best that I can. Like I said earlier, this baby was a surprise, and I still have a year of college left to finish up, so I am very overwhelmed at the moment.

I guess I was just wondering if any of you had any experience or stories you could share about prenatal testing and raising a child with Down Syndrome or if you have any resources you might want to pass along?

Thank you so much. 

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Re: Please share with me...

  • The only advice I have really is just to wait and see.  There is a very high possibility that everything will be fine.  All of my prenatal testing (including an amnio) came back normal and my son still has a syndrome so I take a lot of the tests with a grain of salt.  Sending prayers your way for a happy and healthy (and as stress free as possible) pregnancy Smile.  Either way, congratulations!
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  • My DS (2 Months old) was prenatally diagnosed with a rare genetic condition.  I found out at 13 weeks via CVS.  He is 12 weeks old and the best little guy!  He brings me so much joy and I cannot imagine life without him.  As far as raising him- he's still an infant so there hasn't been much. I did complete a referral to EI the day after he was born and he does have PT.  Thankfully, so far, he is doing amazing!  I just take things day by day.  I'm sure as he gets older and falls further behind I will have harder days but right now things are going wonderfully.

     I work with a number of children and adults with DS.  It is such a spectrum but most of the folks I work with are living quite independently and have paying jobs.  They are so social and friendly and fun to be around.  There are so many support networks out there for children with Down Syndrome. 

    COngrats on the baby!

    Mommy to L (6), J (4) and S (March 2013)

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