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I was just reading about pumping and building your stash. I pump maybe twice a day nothing crazy. But some of you women say you pump these crazy amounts.  How long do you pump for? when i pump i will feed on on side on pump the other for about 10min and only get a ounce or so.
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Re: pumping

  • I think the ladies getting large amounts are usually EPing. I pump maybe 3x a week and only get an ounce on one side.

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  • I try to pump twice a day but sometimes only once. I really need to pump more since I'm going back to work. But I get 2 or 3 oz on each side after 10 or 15 min. I was getting less but turn the pump higher now and get more.
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  • I pump once a day. That's what I was told to do by an LC. LO isn't getting regular bottles yet though. Once I start giving him a bottle a day I want to pump twice. One to feed and one to store. I think the mass pumpers are EPing or trying to up their supply. If you pump too much and are still BFing you can end up with over supply
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  • My baby won't latch so all I do is pump so after every feeding I pump. He eats about 4-6 oz. per feeding and I am still able to save 6-12 oz. per day. When he was latching I pumped after every feeding just to make sure they were being emptied. Each pump session now takes 20-30 minutes.
  • I pump 2-3 times a day.  Originally I was doing a lot more though to build up my milk supply.  I get the most my first pump of the morning.  I only nurse on one side and then pump both sides.  I can get anywhere from 2-6oz total when I pump, and have a good stash in the freezer already.
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    I pump 2 times a day after feedings and 1 time at night without feeding first. I get about 10-12 oz at night and about 6-7 ounces after feedings. I think I have an oversupply, and will be meeting with a LC soon, because my son sometimes has trouble swallowing fast enough.

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