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8 weeks fussiness

How long has this growth spurt/wonder week lasted for everyone. My normal happy easy going baby is clingy, and seems like she gets overly tired way easy... Have y'all noticed this? How long should this last? 

Re: 8 weeks fussiness

  • A few days to a week... BUT I've read here that wonder weeks are based off of their due date not birth date
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  • It lasted for about 5 days for us. Right now LO is a little over 11 weeks old & has started the next wonder week early. We're going on day four this time


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  • currently going through it :(  I love my baby and cuddling but I am so tired!

    Someone posted about this a few days ago and it was so helpful and nice to see I wasn't crazy.  I couldn't figure out what was going on... then I read the post and everything felt better :)

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  • We are on day 5 but she slept for the first time ever for 6.5 hours last night and she's been a bit better today than last days so we might be coming out of it.


  • My little guy was fussy from 7.5 weeks until 9 weeks. I think it was a spurt mixed with a hell week... I wonder why they call it wonder.
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  • We're approaching 2 weeks of this "I wonder how we'll get through it" mess. He's SO fussy. But he slept 7 hours for the first time, so that's a plus.
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  • My son has been SUPER fussy since he hit 8 weeks a couple of days ago. He's normally super easygoing, happy, and a good sleeper. For the past few days he has barely slept during the day, fusses constantly, and literally wants to eat every hour. Like he's ALWAYS on my boobs, and they feel totally empty for the first time since my milk came in. I love my little guy, but PLEASE let this pass quickly. I thought fussiness was supposed to be decreasing after 8 weeks (and he was a week late!), but apparently not . I can't complain too much, though.. this is the first time that I have noticed a marked change in him that seems like a growth spurt. Up until this point, I never understood what everyone else was talking about. Hopefully our babies will be back to their cheerful selves soon!


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