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PT vent for a moment

Okay so DD wants to wear underwear (aka: elmo's and minnie's) but doesn't understand that it means she needs to use the potty so I am tired of cleaning the carpet/floors. She will use the potty if I make her every 2 hours but with two other kids I forget or she goes pee but 30 min. later poops in her underwear. I don't want to discourage her desire to wear the underwear and make her wear a diaper.  Frustrating...Its a lot of work with a 4 year old and a 6 week old. ugh. vent over. Thanks. 
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Re: PT vent for a moment

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    The same thing happened with LO so finally I hid the underwear. We have mostly carpet and I'm sorry I'm not cleaning pee off my carpet every day!

    I am waiting to try again until she seems REALLY ready. Like when she's almost 3 unless she literally asks to try sooner.


  • We are not there yet but I agree with PGASTL - Hide those undies!  You have too much to deal with right now to be worrying about cleaning up a mess.    Hopefully She figures it out soon!

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  • We totally had to hide the undies. When we did our undies only weekend a couple months ago he would pee through them so he could put on a different cool pair. He wanted to change from Mickey to Thomas to pirates and when we told him no he'd pee so we'd have to change him. We are newly potty trained in the last two weeks but this time we just left him in his regular cotton shorts or naked. He trained better being free willy, literally. I don't know when we will give him undies to wear.... I have a whole drawer full of them.
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