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    I wasn't able to hold her and nurse until I was in recovery -- maybe 30-45 minutes after she came out?  DH was able to hold her and sit right next to me, though, so I did get to see her and touch her pretty much as soon as she was born.
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  • After I was in the recovery room we did skin-to-skin and tried nursing for about 3 hours (standard is 2 hours).  Basically H held LO while I got stitched up.  I got wheeled into the recovery room and had to change beds.  I was then given LO right away.

     I wouldn't have felt comfortable holding him right away for 2 reasons; I didn't want to move too much while getting my insides sewed up and second, I didn't feel like I had enough feeling in my arms and control over them to actually "hold" him. 

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  • With my first, I was shaking too bad to hold her for about an hour. With DS I held him as they wheeled me to recovery.

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  • With DD, it was a few hours, but that was an emergency c/s and I was really shaky and out of it afterwards.  I was able to hold and nurse DS in recovery, a little more than an hour after he was born.
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  • My LO was born at 8:18pm and I didn't get to hold her until about 4am the following morning. I was so shaky after the CS that I felt I was physically unable to hold her, so I didn't chance it. It still makes me sad that I didn't have contact with her during her first few hours of life.
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  • I had the same worry. My husband went with our twins to the nursery once they were born. The nurse called and he brought them to me as soon as I was in the recovery room. I am not sure time frame how long it took them to finish putting me back together lol, maybe 20 min?
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    I was allowed to as soon as we were all in the recovery room. I held DS for maybe 10 minutes and put him down because I was too shaky and felt sick. I didn't get to really hold him and enjoy him until my first feeding with him (he had already had two feedings from a bottle) and that was probably 4-5am and he was born at 7:51pm so quite a while, but again it was my choice because of how I felt.

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  • I got to touch him and kiss him right away and I could have had him brought to me as soon as I was out of recovery and in my room about an hour later. However, I was groggy and really weak, so I decided to wait an extra hour before having him sent over from the nursery. If you're breastfeeding, they'll usually make an effort to get your baby to you ASAP.
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  • My case wasnt the usual situation as I had to be put under since it was an emergency c sec. I had to wait 2 hours, I was way too out of it I had no idea really what was going on. I had 2 hours of skin to skin with her after, and worked on BFing. I heard all sorts of stories that woman who have to be out under that have c sections don't bond and usually aren't able to BF cause yet aren't able to hold them right away. I worried about that but as it turned out I had to issues with bonding or BFing and I had to wait 2 hours so don't worry if you don't get to hold LO for a little bit, just have your DH or SO hold LO until you can.

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    Thanks for your responses!  I'm hoping ill be one of the cases where I get to hold her within 20 minutes!  ( I'm a total control, freak!  The thought of everyone else holding her before me kills me!)
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  • With my first c-section, it was emergency and DD was showing signs of distress, so the NICU team grabbed her right after they took her out, and didn't see her until I was in the recovery room.  Once I had her, we did skin to skin, and a little nursing.

    With my second, it was not as urgent, so they put DS on my chest for a couple of seconds after he was born.  Then, they took him away, and I was able to hold him again in recovery. 

  • Your not really going to be able to hold him immediately after. You'll still be on the table getting stitched up. But you will most likely be able to see your lo. I was able to hold my son once i was in the recovery room for about 20 minutes before they took him to the nursery. You will have lots of time to bond with baby once your in your room.
  • I had an emergency csection and was very shaky so I didn't get to hold him until one hour after birth when I got to the recovery room. I nursed him and held him until I was ready to go to my room. We bonded, breastfeeding went really great and we had no problems. We now have a 15 month old who is a total mommas boy
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    Thanks for your responses! nbsp;I'm hoping ill be one of the cases where I get to hold her within 20 minutes! nbsp; I'm a total control, freak! nbsp;The thought of everyone else holding her before me kills me!

    My husband actually was the only one who held her and nicely told our parents that they couldn't hold her until I did. So that worked good for us and everyone understood and besides DH I was the first to hold her.

  • Right after they finished checking his vitals and doing his Apgar, they have him to DH to bring to me. I couldn't hold him until I was moved to recovery though, which was pretty quick. While we were chilling in there they allowed me to have skin to skin time and offered to allow us to attempt to breastfeed (I declined at the time, I was too out of it still).
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  • They cleaned him up and then offered to let him lay on my chest (with the MW's assistance), so not very long at all. DH ended up holding him next to me for the rest of my surgery, and then I held him again in recovery (though I was in no shape to at that point). Talk to your OB, it's fairly flexible if everything is going smoothly.
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  • With DD (an emergency C-section with general) it was 4 hours before. With DS (planned C-section) it was about an hour. They finished surgery I was brought to my room and about 15-20 minutes later he was in my arms. He was taken right to NICU from birth due to breathing problems though.
  • I totally understand that exactly. I was so worried about this, but honestly the time it took them to see me up went by so quickly and I was in recovery holding them in no time. My husband was the only non medical staff person to hold them before me. I hope everything goes quick for you.
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    Pretty soon. 30 minutes?? After I was stitched up they wheeled me to recovery and brought him a few minutes later. I was out of it which actually helped.
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  • Emergency c/s, so about 3.5 hours (when I woke up in recovery).
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  • As soon as I was stitched up and in recovery, so about 20 minutes.  The nurse had DH take DS to the recovery room as soon as they checked him over and had him cleaned up, so they were just hanging out and waiting for me.  As soon as the nurse had me situated in recovery, she had DH bring over DS and helped me position DS to start breastfeeding.
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  • I got to hold ds when I was rolled into recovery.
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  • After the initial show of the baby in the OR, DH went with the baby to the nursery while I was stitched up. I too was nervous about everyone else getting their hands on him before me, but he never came out of the nursery glass. My family just told me they watched them do the weight and once I was in recovery he was brought to me for the first feeding and then skin to skin. He was eventually taken back to the nursery for the rest of his baby tests, but as soon as I was settled into my room he was given back.

    As silly as it sounds, my biggest fear was everyone else getting to my baby first. I thought the little green monster would've been out in full force, but I was so overwhelmed by the unexpected C section that I didn't voluntarily hold him till much later that evening.
  • About 30 minutes later in the recovery room.  I nursed and did skin to skin.  DH held her while I was being stitched up.  
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    Thanks for your responses!  I'm hoping ill be one of the cases where I get to hold her within 20 minutes!  ( I'm a total control, freak!  The thought of everyone else holding her before me kills me!)

    Who else would hold her?  As soon as DD was wrapped up, the nurse handed her to DH.  No one else was allowed in the OR or recovery room.   

  • image nola78:
    I wasn't able to hold her and nurse until I was in recovery -- maybe 30-45 minutes after she came out?  DH was able to hold her and sit right next to me, though, so I did get to see her and touch her pretty much as soon as she was born.



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    DS1 - 1 hour - I had to get out of recovery and get to my room. 

    DS2 - 3 hours - They forgot about me! The nursery staff brought my baby to me in recovery because the l&d nurses were so lax. I overheard a really snappy, "I'm sure this mommy wants to see her baby" from the nursery nurse and then he was brought in. 

    DD - 5 hours - She went right to the Nicu, so I had to get up and go to her.  

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  • They showed her to me over the curtain as soon as she was born. Then they cleaned her and wrapped her up. I got to hold her right after until they were finished stitching me up. She then went to the nursery and I went to recovery for an hour. Right before I was moved to my room, they brought her to me and I held her from there. I guess I didn't really have any limitations on holding her, but I was restricted to my bed until the next morning. 
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    I was able to touch and cuddle my daughter right after she was born and checked out by the NICU team. I was able to hold her when I got to the recovery room.
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  • They brought her in as soon as the pei was done with her, and she was cleaned and dressed. 
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