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  • Play mat, tummy time, reading LOTS of books, singing and ABCs, interactive play like holding and moving his hands arms and legs, going for walks... LO is 3 months.
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  • He loves books, we play with his glo worm since he likes the light, makes animals sounds, & listen to music


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  • Playmat, or we'll sit him up on the couch and talk to him or H plays guitar for him
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  • Talk/sing/read to her and show her different toys and pictures mostly. I put her on her playmat every day, but she gets fussy after only 10 minutes, doesn't seem to like it much. Right now she just loves to look and listen. She hasn't been interacting with any toys yet, but I try to show her how. I walk her around the apartment and describe things to her. I'll also put her in the stroller and just walk around our apartment building so she can look at different things.
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  • We talk, sing, and read to her, as well as moving her arms and legs around. I'll grab a rattle and move it slowly from one side of her head to the other (in her sight line) and have her follow it. I put her on her play mat and/or do tummy time, but not as often as the other things, because she is not a fan. She also loves to watch the bird mobile on her swing. If the dog is nearby, I'll help her "pet" him while talking about him. She can see him pretty well because he's white with black spots! Just in the last week or so, play time has gotten a lot more fun and we can do a lot more things. Watching her grow is so much fun!
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  • His favorite is the bouncy seat with toys hanging in front of him. If he doesn't get to bounce every morning he gets mad. Sometimes I'll take him in the office with me and we will listen to music while he bounces. 

    He likes his wrist rattle and he will tolerate about 15 min of a play mat with a big mirror hanging in front of him.  

    I would say though his favorite is just being talked to whether he's on his tummy on my chest or laying down or in his seat, he just wants to try to talk to someone.

    Hasn't been too interested in toys or books yet.  


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    Basically the same....play mat, tummy time, singing talking, making faces at her to make her smile, books, she likes to do tummy time on her boppy.
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  • Lay her on a blanket on the floor at any time and my older 2 are all about keeping her entertained, bringing her toys, singing songs, making faces, and trying to teach her stuff from how to hold her head up to how to count. It is great to watch, but sometimes can get a bit overstimulating. 
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