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  • Just commiserating with you here!  The 2 yr old will not let the baby sleep, who gets overtired and then can't sleep anyhow.  I'm not proud to say that LO2 is asleep on me right now and the TV is entertaining LO1 just so he will shut up!



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  • Ugh. I gave up and now the baby is lying on the floor watching the weather channel while I pump.

    Also, I feel like I have PTSD from DD1 because she was never a great sleeper but from 4months-1 year she was AWFUL and I'm so scared that it's going to happen with DD2 as well. Waaaaaaah! Crying

  • I can't feel bad, my LO has only ever taken 2030 min naps.....and they SUCK! Haha
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  • Hi, do we have the same two children? I really thought that I had gotten lucky this time, because I could practically ignore the baby and she was totally laid back. Now, she suddenly demands constant attention. She was also an amazing napper until about a week ago. She had actually already consolidated her sleep into a short morning nap and then a 3 hour (!) afternoon nap. It was glorious. Now, she's been taking these short naps all day long. WTF? I guess I need to start sleep training. I'm just so bummed because I didn't think I'd have to do it this time. 

    One thing that has helped me get a few minutes of free time is this stupid toy that has a mirror and lights up and plays music when you touch it. If I put it near her on the floor, then when she starts getting mad and flailing her arms, she hits it and makes it light up. This entertains her for a few minutes.

    I think I need to invest in a jumperoo, or maybe a bumbo seat or something so that she can see what's going on. I can't just hold her all day like she wants me to. 

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  • I feel your pain! DD's latest thing is that she'll take a morning nap or two, but she fights her afternoon naps and bedtime. Yesterday she was up from about 1:30-7:30 with a little 25 minute catnap in between. We tried for an hour to get her to sleep around supper time and she just wasn't having it. We had to go do something else, and then when we got home she was an overtired, cranky mess because she hadn't slept all day! It's totally ridiculous.

    Currently she's been up for 4 hours already. I just tried to put her down at 3 and she wouldn't sleep. I spend more time trying to get her down for afternoon naps than she actually sleeps, and that's IF she sleeps! I really wanted to hold off on any sleep training until 6 months, but she's 4.5 months now and I think we may be starting a modified Ferber plan tonight for bedtime. I've had quite enough of this.

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  • amen. DD2 only took three 10 min naps yesterday. Today was thankfully a bit better, but I am reaching my limit.

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