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  • We've been going to physical therapy since 2 months when she was diagnosed. I also do the exercises at home. She has a very mild case so a helmet isn't needed and from what my ped told me helmets are only for extreme cases. I like to go bc it gets me out if the house, however the copays do add up. We've seen a lot of improvement and I think as she gets older and starts using the muscles to sit up on her own, it'll straighten out.
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  • DD has been going to PT since she was 5 weeks old. I'm shocked that your pediatrician didn't diagnose until now. You should absolutely take LO to PT. Left uncorrected, torticollis can cause gross motor skill delays.

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    We were diagnosed at DS's two month appointment. We went a week later for a PT evaluation where she examined him and gave us exercises to do at home daily. Lots of neck stretching and tons and tons of tummy time. Then we had a follow up a month later where she said he had significantly improved so we could back down on the stretches and we no longer needed to come back to PT unless we had concerns later. No one thinks he will end up needing a helmet.

    Since you were given exercises by your pedi, you could try those and see if they help. but I think the physical therapist was a great resource for us personally.

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  • I was I'm your same position and our pedi said we could go to PT but didn't have to. We decided to and we just go every other week. I have seen a huge improvement and really it just makes me feel better about the progress that we are making.
    Really our PT said by now we could be stopping going, but since it's covered by our insurance she said it would just help keep strengthening her neck and making sure she was strengthening evenly.
    I say go for the PT
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  • We're going next Tuesday to have DD evaluated by a PT to see if she has this. She was breech and her pedi noticed something about the way she was holding her head at her 4 month check up. So she suggested this as a precaution. I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, but we will see what they say. 
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    DD just got her helmet this week. The top of her head is flat from position in utero. Insurance did cover it. She doesn't have torticolis though.
  • Go to a PEDIATRIC physical therapist.  no helmet & trying to avoid it & prob will.  lots of tummy time on pillow to elevate, exersaucer, football hold, always using the opposite direction for talking, playing, even changed which shoulder am holding on, & bottle feed position.  today she rolled from back to tummy in her crib!  first time.  also no external forces, try to elimate the swing & car seat (if you can skip a trip do so).  bought a carseat head control thing at bbbaby.  don't lean baby against you, that's considered head shaping-sit upright on lap.  yes my insurance will cover all but $500 out of $4000 if we need a helmet.  we are given 2 months for her to try to change.  doing everything!!!!!!
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