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    Don't be sad - he absolutely needs you. But he is also learning - last night he learned that he can fall asleep when he gets tired :). Enjoy it - DD is still in the phase where her back touches the sheet and she wakes up and thinks it's playtime, when my eyes are crossing from exhaustion. 
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    The other day I posted about LO only falling asleep on us and if I should worry. Well lastnight after nursing I laid him down half asleep, he woke up and was able to put his self back to sleep. I was so happy yet sad that he didn't need me. Silly right

    Don't worry, these things make me sad too. I went to the spa for my birthday and she didn't even care that I was gone and that made me sad haha.
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  • I'm right there with y'all.  Of course I said before having him that I'd NEVER let him sleep in our room.  Then ordered a Rock N Play for next to our bed.  My plan is to let him sleep in it at night until 3 months but I transitioned him to his own room last night.  While I'm happy that he slept just fine by himself and that we have our room back to ourselves, I sobbed after I put him down.  My poor husband thinks I'm a lunatic. 
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  • Aw! I feel like time is flying with these LOs!!

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  • Sorry to hijack your post but when are you thinking of transitioning them out of sleeping in your arms? Like when should I start? LO is three weeks

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