1st Trimester

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  • I really liked "what to expect when you're expecting". Cliche I know, but very helpful. I also really like "Our bodies, ourselves: pregnancy and birth" from the Boston women's health book collective. I have the 2008 version.
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  • With my first pg, I rented every pregnancy and birth book at my local library and out of all of them this: http://www.amazon.com/Mommy-Ultimate-Guide-Pregnancy-Birth/dp/0738214604 ,was my favorite. I like it because it has such a variety of info. I wanted to be prepared for anything that could happen during labor, not just if things went well, but for the complications that can arise too. I wanted to be able to know my options and know what to expect.


    I also read lots of books on laboring med-free, but don't really have a favorite for those. I was never able to find one good book with tons of laboring positions. This pg I'm hoping to find one.

    ETA: in case that link doesn't work, that book is called The Mommy Doc's ultimate guide to pregnancy and birth. It's written by three OBGYN females who are also moms.

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  • I found what to expect when your expecting to be very helpful, I also read a lot on this site!
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  • The girlfriends guide to pregnany.  It definitely tells you how it is.  It was written by a woman who had 4 kids of her own.  She takes situations that she experienced and other women she's come in contact with.  It tells you things the Dr. and others don't tell you.  It's entertaining and useful.  Not sure if your DH would want to read it though.
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  • For pregnancy ditto PPs. For newborns, happiest baby on the block was a lifesaver! There is also a DVD. It explains the "4th trimester" and the 5 S's that will save you during the new born stage!
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  • My H really enjoyed this book.


    I liked it, too, as it was more realistic and humorous than the ones I read. 


    Be Prepared 

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  • There's a book called Show Dad How. It's illustrated like a comic book and is a manual of what dads can expect during pregnancy and after. It's pretty funny and down to earth.
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