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  • You won't break your baby! lol You said it yourself, you did CIO with dd and she survived right? When we did CIO with our LO a few months ago I would just think of if we were in the car driving down the interstate and she started crying. There's nothing I can do for her while on the interstate and she always powers through. When we did CIO we slowly increased our intervals of when we went in to comfort her from 5,10,15 minutes and after a few nights she was good. I'd just go in and give her her pacifier but not actually pick her up. She'd start crying again but that's what babies do! It'll be fine and everyone will be much happier once you make it to the other side. :)
  • You won't mama! Haha. My fear was that my DS would hate me come morning, but I think is happier to see me now! I was suuuper anti CIO, I've never let him cry for more than a few minutes in 7 months. But he was waking so much that finally we bit the bullet and tried Ferber. We are only on day 5, but it gets better everyday! The first day was the worst, soooo much crying but he's fine! I know it was the best thing I could do for him. And like PP said, just think if you couldn't tend to him right away, your baby would most definitely be ok after! Don't worry!
  • And not waking as much is good! He went from numerous times to once the first night. That equals success!!!
  • You can do it!!! She will be just fine. She needs her sleep. You are training her to get the best sleep possible. Some lessons are much harder to teach than others. Good luck mama!!! Stay strong!!! :
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  • I started out SUPER anti-CIO. If my baby needed/wanted me, I wanted to be there for her. As she got older, she started figuring this out (they are smarter than we give them credit for) and was waking more and more. I knew something had to give as I work 40 hours a week and couldn't keep up the no sleep thing. 

    At our 6 month well visit, it finally became crystal clear that we needed to sleep train after our pedi said that she could have sleep problems her entire life if we didn't let her learn how to fall asleep on her own.

    So, we did the 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins. The only night we ever had to go to 15 minutes was the first night. The SECOND night she only woke up once and then by the  4th night, she slept from 6:30 until 3:30. Fed her at 3:30 and she slept until 6:30. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. By the end of the 2nd week she had slept for 10-12 hours pretty consistently. Then we hit teething round 2 and she got off schedule a bit but still her waking up was better than before (without teething). Now we are back on schedule. She sleeps from 6:30 or 7 until about 5, I feed her and back to sleep until about 7:30. CIO definitely made a BIG difference in our sleep! 

    Oh, and I had to make my husband go in her room in the middle of the night at first. If she saw me, she'd want to nurse (but not because she was hungry- just for comfort). It's really, really hard and you will feel like the worst mom on the planet for the first few nights but a well rested child is worth it!!! Good luck! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.  


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    I was also super anti cio (probably because of this board!).  So for my first DS I did it at 10 months, best thing ever, I wish we would have done it earlier.  For my DD (6 months) we are on day3 and she is already sleeping so much better and will only cry for maybe 5 mins when she wakes.  I also wish we would have done it a bit earlier with her (maybe just a month or two).  

    If either of my babies would have been half way decent sleepers (I can handle waking up 1-2 times a night) I might not have done CIO but both have been horrible sleepers waking multiple times a night and wanting to comfort nurse so they were getting more feedings in than they needed.  

  • I did CIO about 2 weeks ago and nights are much better. How long before naps get better? I am still suffering from the 45 minute intruder...
  • image spritz:
    I posted below about sleep training with the magic sleepsuit. I have decided to just get rid of it when we sleep train. I have had some success in the last day with putting ds in two pair of pjs to somewhat mimic the sleepsuit.  Ds is still waking every 1-2 hours at night. We need to do something, but when we finally let dd CIO, she wasn't waking as much, so I'm huts a little nervous. Share your stories and give me some encouragement that I won't break my baby. 

    I was having the same problem (minus the sleepsuit). Waking every 1-2 hours, totalling 6-10 times a night was KILLING me. My DH and I were exhausted and at each others throats. The first night we let her CIO she slept almost all night. It was crazy!! If you persist and don't give in, things will be MUCH better.

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  • We just did CIO with our 8-month-old two nights ago for the first time. He cried for an hour (we checked on him every 5 minutes for the first half hour, then every 10 minutes for the second half hour. Exactly an hour later, he crashed! And he slept for 9 hours in a row. He didn't even move. I mean at all! His arms and legs were in the exact same spot as when he went down .I actually went to check that he was still breathing! He usually gets up 6 times a night! So he slept 8:00-5:00. He woke up and I fed him and he fell back asleep from 5:30-8:00!! I couldn't believe it! And I finally got sleep!  It's the hardest thing to deal with in the moment, but it's so worth it. And he woke up happier than I have ever seen him. 



  • you guys are all giving me hope!

     I need to do this...soon!

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  • I think you're doing the right thing getting rid of the sleepsuit.

     Our CIO went like this (started about a month ago)

    Night one - put him down awake, responded to initial cry, did a few 2 minute intervals, then 5 minute intervals for a long time and eventually 10 minute intervals (took 50 minutes total)

    Night two - 5 and 10 minute intervals (20 minutes)

    Night three - 1, 5 minute interval

    Originally he was up every 45 minutes to two hours like your LO. He started only waking around 4 am to eat which he only does once in a while now and I go in and feed him or now he sleeps right through. I would pick a time for a night feeding and stick to it if your LO still likes to eat at night.  To start, our LO RARELY gives us a 5 minute interval now.  Usually I'll put him down awake and he goes right to sleep (I snuggle him and sing him a lulab.  If he tries and fusses, I always respond to his initial cry.  Sometimes I just turn him over to his belly and he goes right asleep.   

    The rules I stuck to were that when I would go in to comfort him, I would only stay for about a minute (no picking him up) and rub his back or tummy and tell him he's doing great and I love him and sing to him. I would make sure to exit the room before he closed his eyes so that he didn't get used to me standing there (not sure if you've read up on CIO because I never did so this is what I followed). 

    Now that we are about a month in, his naps are starting to lengthen also which is making this mamma happy.  For naps, I still have to rub his tummy a lot longer and sing longer but there is still no fussing.  So essentially, CIO became less fussy/whining/tired baby for us.  We also have a baby who NEVER cries and I cried myself thinking I would ruin his personality but not even close! He belly laughed the whole way through my Target trip today.  He's still amazing :)


    Good luck 

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  • We also did the Ferber decision. It was SO hard the first few days - I needed a lot of support and reassurance that I was doing the right thing. I went to check on her in intervals to put my mind at ease that she was ok. It worked really well (and more quickly than I thought!!) and my LO is now a great sleeper. Bedtime and naps are now relaxing and enjoyable! I actually look forward to bedtime routine when I get to cuddle, read, and sing to her. She puts herself to sleep (usually without crying at all!) and takes longer naps - so thankful for this because now I can actually get stuff done! She is also on more of a nap schedule now - she just transitioned on her own! Good luck with everything :) 
  • You ladies are giving me so much hope! I tried CIO last night and lasted 45 minutes and gave in because I was in tears myself!
    But I am going to persist through it tonight!
    Thanks for the inspiration ladies!
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    Try the Ferber method. 45 mins seems like a long time to just let them cry.
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