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    We are. It took us 4 years to have this one, and we're not getting any younger. We're not jumping back to IVF right now, but we're not preventing either.  If it happens on its own now, great; if not, we'll go back to the RE in a few months. 
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  • I'd love to, but one is probably all we can handle right now.
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    We definitely want to! Want my body to heal up and get a little more into shape first. Pregnancy makes me extremely sick though. So need to make sure life is good and in order and my LO is doing ok before devoting 4 months to vomitting and being unable to move. Haha.
  • Eventually I would like another, but I want to wait until this LO is potty trained so I'm not changing double the diapers I am now.
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    We are one done....unless we get a surprise.
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  • We want another one. We'll probably start trying again next summer. It took us about a year to get pregnant with this one and I'd like to have the second before I turn 35 (I'm 32 now).
  • We have two and are most likely done. Two feels right for us, but we'll wait a few more years before deciding for sure.
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  • We have two now. I would love to have more, BUT I don't want to be pregnant again. Lol, so that's a little difficult. Also, my husband is a fireman and I spend so much time alone it makes me question if I can handle anymore.
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    We have two and are most likely done. Two feels right for us, but we'll wait a few more years before deciding for sure.

    This is us too. My last pregnancy was horrible so I swore I was done but there is a small part of me that would love another child. My DH and I always say if we won the lottery we would definitely have a few more.
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  • We want one more when the girls are old enough to understand what a baby brother or sister is and for them to be excited about it. That was our initial plan to wait 4 or 5 years between kids so that we wouldn't be paying for two in daycare at a time. But that happened anyway because we got pregnant a week after trying with twins haha. So were really putting it off now.
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  • Maybe one more. We always said 2 or 3, and I'm not convinced we are done yet. I also don't have the 'must have another one' feeling I had after dd1 though, so we will just wait and see. We'd want to have our eldest off to school before new baby arrived for sure.
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  • Like now? No way. In 3-6 years yes. I don't think having two little babies sounds all that exciting and I was perfectly close to my sister who was 9 years younger than me. 

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  • image leasaj:
    We are one done....unless we get a surprise.

    This is us too.

  • We actually want our second by the end of next year. So we are probably going to stop using protection around November. :-)
  • Ya know, I just answered this question a few weeks ago and said we're sooo done. But now, I'm thinking I could go for a third ha! Not anytime soon but we'd wait long enough to avoid 2U2 again. Plus, we also need to give ourselves a chance to get a little more settled. We'd like to move to another state, get a career started for my husband and I'd like to get started in my schooling (I want to start training to become a doula sometime in the near-ish future) and all that. Then maybe we'll have another.

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  • I never thought I would be thinking this, but I'd like another one asap!  This baby has been super easy, though we're probably due for a more difficult baby for #2.  I struggle with wanting to be taken seriously at work, though.  I took 5 months off for this one, and it would look pretty bad to show up after mat. leave pregnant again....
  • I would like one more if it was a girl, if not then I would try again for a third. If all three are boys then that is what I am with and I will be happy either way. I will be trying again after I complete a half marathon.

    I got pregnant the first time I tried even after I was told it would be hard for me since I was irregular, so I know now to be extra careful.

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    I will let you know when the girls turn 2. Then we will decide 
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