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  • My first positive test had a faint second line, I took 5 more over the course of a few days before calling the doctor.  Good luck, sounds like you're pregnant!
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  • If you produced a line you are in fact pregnant. Congratulations! Call your doctor and they will set up and appointment to confirm the pregnancy and give you some reading material that will be useful!


  • It depends on how faint.  Those tests are notorious for evap lines.  I would test again tomorrow with a pink dye test (First Response).  Good luck!
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  • I'm not a fan of the EPT test so if you aren't sold that you saw a positive, get a First Response Early Response (pink dye) test and test tomorrow morning with FMU.  It does sound like you got a positive though.  It isn't common practice to confirm a pregnancy at the doctor's, so if your office doesn't come in for a test, that's normal.  I would still call right away because it takes a couple weeks sometimes to get on the schedule.  Also, being 8-10 weeks pregnant for your 1st appointment is also normal.  Congrats!
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  • You are pregnant.  A line is a line.  Congratulations!

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  • If you feel the need to test again, do it with your first morning urine.  Then call the doctor for an appointment.
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  • Get one of the tests that tell you in black and white "pregnant" or "not pregnant" that's what I did so there would be no debating that line or lack of! Good luck and keep us posted!
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  • My line was also very faint but like PP said a line is a line! Congrats!
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    You are pregnant.  A line is a line.  Congratulations!

    Careful with statements like this.  A line could also be an evap line.  It could also have been out of the time frame allotted.  Buy a different brand of test and try again tomorrow.  

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  • I would say pregnant! Congrats, take another in a few days, try to hold pee all night, and it should be darker.
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  • I took three different brands before I was convinced!  I took a first response, and there was a faint line, both times, but I had to look really hard to see it.   So the next  morning I took three EPTs with fmu.   None of them looked positive, but they didn't look negative either.  I finally bought the clear blue easy,  pregnant.   Not pregnant test.  And it came up pregnant.  (I was three days late for my period).     So for me the clear blue was the best for me :). Good luck and keep us posted!  
  • For those who asked to be kept posted.. Took another test using First Response this time. Came back with 2 very distinct lines! :). Called doctor and will confirm this week with blood work! Thanks for all the advice! :)  

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