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  • Wow, how old is your LO? Sorry, on mobile.
    If possible, You should try pumping when LO doesn't wake up to eat. It will help your situation, your supply and you can start freezing your milk for later.


  • That's not a bad idea. I'm gonna need the supply when I go back to work.

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    That's not a bad idea. I'm gonna need the supply when I go back to work.

    Exactly so use this to your advantage and help your breast get the relief they need while helping things for later on. Plus it will get you used to pumping if you're not yet.


  • My breast are like this after only 5 hrs. If LO only eats on one side I pump the other!

    Good luck!!

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  • My boobs do this to me after 3 hours so I usually have to let her eat from one and pump the other if she sleeps 4 hours or I am sore in one side cause she can't drink everything .

  • My LO is just over 6 weeks and has slowly extended her time sleeping up to 5 or 5 1/2 hours during her longest sleep. However, I haven't been pumping even though I'm engorged, because pumping will keep you making milk for that time.  Unless you want to keep pumping in the middle of the night and never get a full night's sleep again...personally I wouldn't pump.  After a few nights of discomfort your body will stop making milk for that feeding, and the amount of engorgment will decrease.  I'd build up your milk stash by pumping an hour after a nursing midday if you need a supply to go back to work.  You'll really want full nights of sleep once you go it's best to go through the discomfort now.

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