• I did with my first. It showed up one week pp. i went in and they put me on heavy duty antibiotics as a catchall while they cultured it. It started to clear up within 2448 hrs. Mine turned out to be staph which my dr was po'ed about bc clearly i picked it up in the hospital. Anyway course of antibiotics did the trick.
  • My incision got infected 2x PP. Just take the antibiotics and keep the area as clean and dry as possible. I finally closed up at 14 weeks PP.
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  • I just finished antibiotics on an infection that opened up 16 weeks PP so I say better to get it cleared up early! Apparently that lump my doctor told me would go away on it's own wasn't going anywhere! Once drained mine cleared up fast.

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  • Thanks everyone, it's leaking like crazy, I am using a panty liner in my underwear to keep it from leaking through my sweat pants. Geesh glad to know it shouldn't last too long.

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