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  • I can't afford them for regular use, but I liked them a lot. The only diaper brand I tried that guarantees not to give LO a rash. 
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  • They are the only diapers I used before I could manage cloth FT. I loved them. They are just paper, no gels or perfumes or whathaveyou. They can have some blow out issues if they are a little big on your LO so get the right size, but they hold a lot of pee! DD soaks her ON CD and could go through one or two 7th gen sposies in a 10-12 hr ON period. Good diapers IMO
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  • We have used 7th Gen since day 1 and love them. I haven't had any issues with blow outs or leaking. When LO is older, you can use their overnight diapers if you find you have a heavy soaker.

    I use Amazon subscribe & save and find the prices reasonable. Target also often has a promo where you get a $5 gift card for buying a $20 case of 7th Gen, which makes them competitive to other brands carried there. Especially if you split your order so you can use the GC in the same purchase, which I always do. 

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  • We use them when we travel (CD the rest of the time) and have loved them.  I have also used them to clear up a rash and they're great!  My favorite disposable for sure.
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  • I have used them for travelling and they were great. We CD at home, but they are next best IMO. My LO had a nasty reaction to pampers swaddlers, so I like that I know SG are "safe". They aren't the cheapest, but some things are worth it.
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