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    I have seen an increase in reflux/spitting up now that DS is rolling and trying to sit. We had weaned off the medicine but are now medicating again b/c all the spitting up was causing him pain again. What are your LO's symptoms? I would definitely seek a second opinion or press the issue more with your pedi. You are your child's advocate- trust your gut and keep speaking up until someone listens.
  • She will start crying if we put her to sleep on her back. She has clear liquid pouring out her mouth at times. She has slept on her back in the past then it started to bother her. Most of the time it doesn't bother her but we don't let her play on the back for too long because she starts spitting up.
  • I'm shocked your doctor hasn't done Zantac yet. It's a pretty standard therapy for babies with reflux especially if it's been going on so long. We noticed a big difference within a few days. I would push the issue or get a second opinion.
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  • What in the world? Your pedi should at least be willing to prescribe the Zantac and see if it helps. It's crazy to say that he/she doesn't think it's bad enough to use Zantac. If your LO can't lay flat, why not try it? Call and insist and make it clear how much this is affecting you and your LO, and/or get a 2nd opinion or a new pedi.
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  • Once DD started rolling over, and sitting up, the reflux pretty much went away as well as spitting up did to.  She was on prevacid at the time.  When we started solids at 5 months old, we had to start the meds again as the solids has been causeing a lot of distress and I mean everything.  She seems to do much better.  Insist on it or get another opinion.  
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