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  • Thanks Ladies!! Glad to hear I wasn't way off in thinking this was ridiculous...
  • As long as your underwear isn't a high cut, it is fine. I never bought any maternity underwear last time and my underwear was just fine afterward.

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  • I wear the VS cheekies ones and they are cut low and sit on the hips, 2 weeks ago they were getting tight and I don't intend to pay $10 a pair in a bigger size just for pregnancy.  I did order some motherhood pairs, 6 for $22.50.  Then I noticed just yesterday I think my belly moved UP enough, even my smalls (I wear mostly med) weren't too tight any more.

    So...maybe it wasn't necessary, but I'm a panty wh0re anyway, so the more the merrier!   

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  • I refuse to buy them also. That said, my current panties do roll down a little in the front where they touch my new belly curve. It isn't bugging me, but if it starts to, I'll probably just find a lower cut at VS or Macy's.
  • I bought one pack of 3 at baby's r us and they are super comfy boy short cheekies. The crotch is wide which is nice as things will swell closer to the end and the elastic at the waist and legs is super soft and not pinchy. I like them but haven't bought more of them.
  • image karissa2009:
    I'm thinking of getting a pack of cheapie Hanes/Fruit of the Loom from Walmart in 1 size up from my usual size. But I don't think I'll be buying any maternity undies.

    This is what I did. Fruit of the Loom, one size up in bikini fit. Works perfectly!



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