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How big is your house?

Inspired by another board, I'm curious how big your house is. Not in a bragging way. We are currently in a 920 sq. foot two bedroom condo, and it is actually ok for our family right now. We do want to move in the next few years and want a bit more space (and mainly not have to worry about neighbors and have our own yard), but I'd be ok with not much more square footage. We do live in a HCOL area, so that plays a role! Although DH has said 1100 is his minimum. I've read a few times that the average house size in the 1950's was 983 square feet, so I'm curious how big your house is and if you think that is a good sized space for your needs?
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Re: How big is your house?

  • suv75suv75
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    Just bought a 3500 sq foot 5 bed/5bath house. Just enough space for our family
  • Leap08Leap08
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    I think our house is a little more than 1800 sq feet - 4 bed, 3 bath, nice size yard. It's about the right size for our family. I honestly can't imagine having a much bigger house. Maybe another few hundred sq feet so the girls could have a playroom.
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  • 1300 and old so no large closets. We are looking for at least 2000 in our next house and large closets 
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  • KisstyKissty
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    About 2800 - 4 bed 3 bath - 2 story.  With a little improvement in the layout it would work out better.  I don't need a formal living room.  It's become the cat room bc it's very sunny.


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  • 2050 sq ft, 3 bedroom 2 bath house on a large lot. Our rooms are really nice and spacious and we have a nice big living room which is great. DS has his own "area" for his toys without being all over the place
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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    1400 sq ft - 3 bed, 2 bath.  We are a little cramped in our house, especially since I WFH and that chews up one of the bedrooms.  We are trying to stay in it as long as we can to build equity.  I hope our next house will be 2500-2700 sq ft.  I live in a LCOL area.
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  • 3800 sq ft.  4 bedrooms, 5 bath.  Square footage wise, it's plenty big for us, but ideally, I would have liked 5 bedrooms.
  • Currently in 1700 sq ft 3 BR 2 Bath.  Open floor plan so the living rooms face each other.  We have five kids total, three who live here full time, so it's killing me.  I also WFH full time and have no office.

    If the planets align we will be moving to a 3500 sq ft 4 BR 3 Bath + office with door off the master, with a game room with a door that closes on half an acre.  Formal living space will be fifth bedroom when needed, it's seperated.

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  • hocushocus
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    We're in an apartment that is about 1500 SQFT. It isn't bad to be honest but we'd like a house with a yard. They are hard to come by in our price range and location but we keep looking.
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  • 3600sqft 4bedroom, 3.5 bath, with office and bonus room.  We just moved from an 1800sq ft home after saving up for 5 years.  This is our forever home and we did a lot of financial sacrificing through the years to get it and the payoff is awesome!  Loving our big house!
  • We have a 2,200 sq ft 4 bedroom. DH works from home so it is perfect for 2 adults, hopefully 2 children. I used to wish it were smaller, but I think I'll appreciate the space as DD grows.
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  • ccamccam
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    We just built our house and moved in this past October.  It's a 3200sf cape with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  I love our house, but the cleaning is a lot.  Sometimes I wish we lived in a small ranch, but the room will be nice if we have more than 1 LO.


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  • My house is small.  3 bedroom townhome 1500 square feet.  It will become even smaller as we expand our family.  Ideally I would like at least 3000 square feet and a big yard, but that is impossible in our area.  

    I grew up in a huge home, and DH grew up in a one bedroom apartment with 4 people so we are used to different amounts of space. 

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  • I agree that so much about a house is layout more than sq footage.

    Our house is 2100 sq ftt.  4 bed, 2.5 bath.  We're one and done and it's plenty of room for the 3 of us. 

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  • 2600 sq ft, which is OK for now.  But, for our next house, I'm looking at 3500+.  We have so many guests who come for days or a week at a time.  Then, DH runs a business from our house.  And I wfh 1-2 days a week.  Eventually, I would like the girls to each have their own room and to have 2 separate office spaces or dual purpose rooms for DH and I to work.

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  • We're currently in a 980 sf 2 BR/1 BA. We're in the process of building a house, it'll be 1950 sf. So double the size! With that, we will be getting an additional bedroom, but the rest of the additional space is pretty much all closets and bathrooms. Our current house has 2 tiny closets and that's it! It was built in the 1940s, and I know plenty of families have lived in it over the years, but it feels tiny to us now that we have a LO. I'm happy with the size we're buying, I know that if I have a big house I'll fill it with stuff, and DH is kind of a minimalist so he'll be happy keeping the "stuff" in check. 

    My MIL was raised in a 3 BR/1 BA, 1000 sf house, and her parents had 6 kids! So it certainly can be done. I don't know how though. The funny thing is that her parents put an addition on that house, but not til the kids were out of the house.  

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  • jefkjefk
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    We have about 1300 sq ft, 3 bed/1 bath with over an acre of land (which is unheard of for the price we paid in our area - very HCOL).  Like so many other PPs, our house was built in the 40s and has small rooms with very little closet space.  We have no garage, but we have a very nice, large shed and a dry basement for storage.  It functions for us right now (2 adults, 1 baby arriving tomorrow and a dog), but I'd love something bigger.  Ideally I'd like around 2000 sq ft, 3-4 bed, 2 baths.  We're planning to stay here for at least 5 more years.
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    We have a 4 level split (including unfinished basement) that is 1500 sqft, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms. If our home were a ranch or had a better lay out, I would be happier. However, if/when we move again, we'll stick to 1500 sq ft, just a different lay out, and it will be plenty fine for us. Right now we're a family of 3 with 3 dogs but eventually will have another kid.


  • We have a 1800sq ft 2 story townhome, 4bd 3.5 bath.  It was perfect for two, but we need more room for 3.  We are currently saving to buy another house and plan on keeping this one as a rental property.
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  • currently - an under 900sq ft one bedroom/one bath apartment with a large living room (which doubles as a dining room as well).

    Moving next month into a 4 bed/3.5 bath home.  No idea of square footage but it has a family room, a formal living room, separate dining area and a decent sized back yard.

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  • I don't even know our square footage...oops. But we have a 5BR/3.5BA house and I already feel like we're running out of room (well, storage space really). I wish we had a basement. Otherwise, we have plenty of room.
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  • Our house was built in 1960 and was a 1200 sq. ft ranch with about 700 sq ft. of finished basement, 3bd, 1.5bath, on a half acre.  Last fall we debated moving but added on instead.  Our house is now just over 1800 sq. ft. with 2.5 baths.  We also added a full basement with egress window underneath the addition.  It's not finished yet but someday (maybe 4-5 years) we'll finish it and put in a guest room and bathroom downstairs as well.  I'm not really looking forward to having another bathroom to clean as 2.5 is already a lot!  but it'll be really nice to have a guest suite. 

    Originally, this house was going to be our starter home for 10 or so years but we always knew the potential it had for adding on.  I'm so glad we went that route and I completely love our house.  I definitely don't need any more space than what we have and my custom built kitchen is amazeballs.  Plus, our neighborhood is really diverse in house size (anything from 1000sf ranches to 2000+ sf 2 stories) so we definitely didn't price ourselves out of the neighborhood just in case we need to move.

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  • I think ours is like 1700 sf- but that includes a 3 season porch that is really a 2 season (no AC or heat so it's either too cold or too hot to be in most of the year), and a "workshop" that has very low ceilings that we mainly use for storage. 3 bed 3 bath. We are 3 person family and I always thought even with just the 3 of us we'd need 4 bedrooms (1 for kid, 1 for parents, 1 guest room for when my parents visit, and 1 office). I've now realized 3 bedrooms is fine, as long as they are good sized. With laptops and wireless internet I don't feel the need for an office anymore, although a living room that is big enough for a work station for doing bills, homework, etc would be nice. I *hate* the layout of our house and think a nicely laid out 2000 sf house would be perfect. Right now we have a teeny tiny kitchen and teeny tiny dining room so we literally eat on TV trays in our living room. But we are lucky that our 1950s house has oodles of storage- there's a half story that has our bedroom in it and all the knee walls have little doors to stick stuff in.
  • We are building a 2200 sq ft house. This doesn't include 1100 sq ft unfinished basement which we plan to finish in the next year or two. We recently moved out of a 1400 sq ft condo. It was tight in the condo but we could've made it work. Both homes are 3 BR, so we are really gaining space in the living areas, plus a playroom.
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  • We have 1500 sq feet, 3 bedrooms/2 baths.  Ideally, I would want about 2000 sq feet, with office space and maybe a playroom.  However, I don't intend to move just to have more space.
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  • 1175 sq ft, 3br, 2ba townhouse. Its the right number of rooms for us at present but all the rooms are tiny! My H works at home, just one baby and two cats. Feels crowded and there's no yard, just gravel outside. I look forward to one day moving out of this VHCOL area and getting more space.
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  • 6 months ago we went from our 950 sq ft condo to our 3000sq ft house.  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths on 1 acre.  We have a dinign room, living room, family room and my husbands office b/c he works at home.  We are going to be one and done and this is our forever house so it more than fits our needs.  We live in a very HCOL area. 
  • We live in a 1200 sq foot 3 BR, 2 bath ranch. I am definitely feeling cramped with our family of 4 and we just found out that my step daughter would like to move in with us full time to attend high school in our area. I would like to sell the house and move in to something larger, but I don't know when that will happen. For right now, we need to make the most of our space- the layout is nice and open, plus we have vaulted ceilings that make it look larger.  We also live on a park and have a large, fenced back yard. We have a single garage that we do not use for anything except storage and we are thinking about converting that in to a bonus room to maximize space.

    * If anyone else lives in a small space and has some suggestions on space saving tips or converting a single garage in to a playroom or bonus room, I would love to hear about it:)*

  • ReeB83ReeB83
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    We're renting. Our last apartment was 500 with 2 bedroom and we were on top of each other. Our new place that we just moved into two weeks ago is 1300 sq ft, three bedrooms one bathroom with a sunroom. Kinda big for us now but finally enough room to expand our family.
  • 1800sq ft townhouse. 2 bedrooms (man cave in the basement could be a 3rd but not for a little kid), 2.5 bath, no yard but a small deck.  The 2nd bedroom is big enough for 2 kids but if we want more we will have to move.  I would stay here forever if it had a bigger yard and if we only have 2 kids

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