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WWYD? (Kind of long)

My SIL is getting married in two weeks.  We just got the itinerary for the rehearsal and the wedding and I'm starting to have some reservations.

The wedding is about an hour from where we live.  We decided (six months ago) not to go in on the big house a bunch of DH's family is renting because it was close enough that we could drive to and from without too much hassle, plus the house didn't allow dogs so we would have had to make arrangements for our fur-baby. The wedding is Friday, and we will definitely be taking LO.  The rehearsal is Thursday; I'd figured on having to be there sometime in the afternoon/evening, but it not being a very long day. However, it turns out the wedding rehearsal is at 9am and dinner is at 6pm, so we'll be away from home pretty much all day.

I want to leave LO home with my mom on Thursday, so he can stay on his usual feeding/napping schedule and be fresh and ready for a non-routine day on Friday. Also, I'm a little concerned that he won't have a place to nap since we didn't get a room at the house (and he is pretty hit-and-miss with sleeping anywhere and will absolutely not sleep in my arms/carrier).  And since we have started teething, I want to give us as many advantages as possible.  Also, DH is officiating the ceremony, so he won't be much help to me for some of the more crucial parts of both days.

DH wants to take LO with us on Thursday. He has a lot of family that lives far away, including his parents who have not yet met LO, and wants them to be able to spend as much time with him as possible.  He says we can just "borrow" one of his siblings' bedrooms for naps.  He just keeps saying "It will be fine."

I totally understand why DH wants to bring LO, and I'm not trying to keep my ILs from their grandson/nephew (even if they are fairly nuts).  My concerns lie in LO being really thrown off his routine for two days (and being less able to handle day 2, which is the more important day) on top of teething, taking the focus away from my SIL, and inconveniencing someone out of a bedroom just because my baby needs to sleep. 

So...what would you do?  Should I just get over my reservations, bite the bullet, and try to make it work?  Or is taking him inviting more trouble than it's worth?



Re: WWYD? (Kind of long)

  • Are you in the wedding too?  If not, skip the rehearsal and meet your DH there later for dinner.




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  • Well, only you and DH know what your LO can handle, but I have to say that we were surprised how completely good our LO is when we take her places.  She seems to intuitively know when we need her to be quiet (knock on wood).  It doesn't really seem to mess her up all that much if we do her schedule differently one day and she sleeps pretty well in the car.  And if it's nice, you can always just sit near the door and take LO out to walk around outdoors.  People are accommodating for babies, and I'm sure you can use a bedroom.  I much prefer to take ours than leave her because I hate dipping into the milk stash, but I don't know if that's an issue for you.  I think it would be nice to DH and his family to take the baby and it's probably not going to be as bad as you fear.  
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