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Has anyone else used acupuncture in previous pregnancies or are considering it for this one, to help get labor started? I have done a lot of reading about it, and spoke with my chiropractor about it today, as a possibility if I am facing a medical induction (I have GD and my dr has mentioned not letting me go past 39 weeks). 

Has acupuncture worked for you, in terms of getting labor started? Or do you know of someone else who has had it? 

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  • I had it booked last time for after my due date, but went into labour first. I also found this site for acupressure directions:

    I figure acupressure is unlikely to hurt and might help (and you can do it at home, for free), so it's also worth a shot. 

  • I did it with my first, I had it done on a Friday and Saturday and went into labor early on Tuesday morning (40w3d).  Not sure if it actually put me into labor, but I think it definitely helped to get my body ready.  The first day I had it done I was laying down to go to sleep and started having this terrible sciatic nerve pain and I could feel DD moving around a lot.  This went on and on, but finally stopped and I was able to go to sleep.  The next morning when I woke up I had dropped, and I'm not talking a little, I had DROPPED, DH even noticed!  

    I had both my babies at 40w3d (charting), so that's why I'm not sure whether it really put me into to labor since perhaps that's just how long my body takes to 'cook' a baby :)  But it's really relaxing and like I said, I think it helped to get me ready and get DD in a good position.  Check with your insurance company, I was surprised to learn that mine covered 90%. 

  • I went in for acupuncture on my due date and my water broke less than 24 hours later.  I can't say for certain that the acupuncture did it....but I do not regret spending the $100+ one bit.  : )
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  • I did a combo of acupuncture, acupressure (as instructed by the acupuncturist) and moxibustion (to turn my baby from OP to OA) and it worked after 3 days in a row.
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    start it now. the earlier the better. find someone that deals with womens health.

    good advice, one of my acupuncturists did ( I did a community acupuncture so I had two therapists)

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