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Travel and pack n play

Does anyone still have their 2 year still sleep in a pack n play? I m going to the beach for a weekend with all beds and didn't know if the pack n play is too small now. He still sleeps in a crib but thought maybe he'd be ok in pack n play 2 nights. He has an extra matress in there to make in more comfortable! I may have to try the bed if the pack n play doesn't work. Just not sure he'd fall asleep there on his own

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  • We stopped the pack n play a while ago because DD couldn't get comfortable in it.  She had only about two inches between her head and the edge of the pack n play when her feet were touching the bottom.  DD likes to sleep with an arm extended above her head.

    Now we bring a twin blow up mattress with us for her to sleep on.  Works very well and she stays on it just fine.  Even when she was still in a crib at home she slept good on the mattress.

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  • We gave up the PNP while traveling a while ago because DS didn't like it any more and it was a PITA to lug around.  I either "rent" a crib from the hotel or lay a quilt on the floor and let him sleep on the floor.  
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    We used a PNP until 3. Most PNP are much smaller than cribs and some kids don't like that. It is sort of kids specific.
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  • We did up until Christmas, when DS was about 2.5. He did fine.
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    My nephew lasted till 3 years in a pnp and my DD is 2 and can crawl out and won't stay in it.
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  • When we went on vacation last summer (DD was 26 months) we used the PnP without a problem. 
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  • We just purchased a portable toddler bed (it's basically a glorified air mattress). A crib sheet can fit it and it has sides that inflate higher than the mattress part so they are almost like "rails". We got it b/c we're going to the beach next month and my IL's are going to use it whenever DS stays the night at their house. He isn't in a crib anymore at home, he's in a toddler bed.
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  • DS sleeps in a pack n play at my mom's for naps. He is a few mints past two, and quite a monkey, so we're keeping him in there until we can't. Once or twice he has napped with my dad in my parents bed, but more because they fell asleep while they were watching a movie than because we intended for to happen. My dad s the nap king, and the pictures were cute, but not practical for all the time!

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