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rash on cheeks?

LO is 5 weeks I noticed her forehead had really dry skin. Well now her cheeks have red bumps all over like a rash just on her cheeks. Waiting for nurse to call back. Anyone else have red bumps all over cheeks?


Re: rash on cheeks?

  • No, but its probably heat rash.
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  • How big are they? Sometimes my LO will break out in a rash thats the same as her skin or reddish in color when stuff like perfume comes into contact with her skin and irritates it. They are small pinpoints that don't bug her. Also it could be a heat rash like pp said.
  • Could be eczema. Pretty common in babies, though I thought it usually started when they were older.
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    OP, my LO had the exact same as you describe and it was actually cradle cap it can spread down to the face and appear as a red rash on the cheeks. I never would have guessed it bc my LO had some dry flakes on her head and eyebrows but it was very mild, it wasn't like she had bad cradle cap. The pedi prescribed a cream to use once a day and it cleared up within a week, and hasn't come back and it's been about 3 weeks later. Take your LO to the pedi to confirm.
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  • Mine has that on his cheeks also and pretty sure it is heat rash because it is also on his neck and little red dots that are further apart on his chest..  all areas that get hot, sweaty, or wet from feeding.
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