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Baby Gear Recs from all the new Mommies!

Now that there are a considerable amount of mommies on the board now, which baby items could you not see yourself without?  Which have been your favorites so far?
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Re: Baby Gear Recs from all the new Mommies!

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    I love the pack n play. W is sleeping in it right next to my side of the bed. I think if all we had is a crib, I would be sleeping in his room since we don't have room in our bedroom for a full sized crib.


  • Baby has been living in his snugabunny RnP and swing. My chicco PnP is also being used a lot as a changing table. I also put him in the bassinet part while i go wash my hands etc...
  • Our SnugaMonkey Rock N Play!! She sleeps in it every night!

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  • I third that the rock n play is awesome. I am digging taking E for walks in the Ergo. DH likes the Moby.

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  • I use the changing pad on the pack and play as our downstairs changing area and I use the bassinet from the pack and play as a naptime sleeping spot if I need to get stuff done and put her down :)  other than that, I like both of my carriers (k'tan and ring sling from sakura bloom)..haven't tried the ergo yet since she's so small and I don't have the insert.  I may try the whole blanket rolling  up thing..
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  • my graco click and connect stroller and carseat. it's so easy to go places with Grace. the stroller is nice and light and folds up easily.

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  • I agree about the rock n plays and pack n plays, but I'll add a nipple shield! You may not need one, but man if you do it's a life saver! Not sure why the LC didn't mention one, but after LO lost too much weight and we were desperate, I remembered that a friend had gotten me one, dug it out, and voila! We now have a nursing baby on her back to her birth weight and much calmer set of parents!
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    I would definitely get the Rockn Play. I almost returned mine because I thought I had way too much stuff. It turns out that baby needs a swing , bouncer, and RnP. She hates the bassinet, and I haven't used the PnP yet. I also recommend My Brest Friend for breast feeding and a Boppy for bottle feeding.
  • The Medela hand pump. It's been a lifesaver as my lo has a tounge tie and we are.waiting on the referral to see an ENT
  • Travel lite mini PnP. Love it.


    A and A blankets.

    Cabbage. lol, for my engorgement issues.
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    How could I forget the A and A blankets? Those are great!
  • We didn't have one the first time around but our friends got us the podster lounger.  This is so convenient to plop the baby in and can easily be moved from upstairs to downstairs.  I like to put Bryce in it when my older son asks if he can play with him.

    My older son Kieran shared a few books with Bryce.



    Works well for the big kids too. 

    (When did my little 2.5 year old get so big?)


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  • I would second the nipple shield. You may not need one, but it was the best $8.00 we spent in my opinion. We also are really happy we got 4 water proof changing pads, as we have them all over the house and have used all 4 already. 

    We also love our A&A blankets and snuggamonkey swing. 

  • Bennett LOVES his Snuggamonkey Rock n Play.  He sleeps in it every night and it is awesome to have it right next to my bed at night.  And Lanolin.  I have a tube of it in my pocket at all times.  
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    The first three or four nights, DD would only sleep on me or my husband.  My SIL, who is a pediatric nurse, recommended a little vibrating pad that goes under her bassinet mattress to calm her when she's not being held.  It's been a lifesaver.
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