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**Wednesday Ticker Change**

For those of us left, how is everyone doing?

I'm so ready to meet this baby!  I really want to know WHEN my Team Green baby will make his or her arrival.

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Re: **Wednesday Ticker Change**

  • Same here! I am not due until the 27th though and I haven't had any signs of labor so I am thinking I have a good 2 plus weeks until my little one arrives. At this point I am not too uncomfortable but I am getting to the point where I am just done with the pregnancy. I have had a really easy pregnancy so far and It is finally starting to get to me. I guess that was bound to happen at some point. I am just hoping he isn't too late!
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  • jennOKjennOK
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    One week until due date. I felt a little crampy a couple of nights ago and yesterday, but no contractions yet. Haven't lost my mucus plug either. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'll have my first internal, so I guess we'll see if anything is going on at all.
  • I am due June 27 (15 days left) and I actually feel great! So far... The evenings are rough for me. I'm still cooking and cleaning and so forth. I'm still able to wear my wedding ring also. Even though I took it off just to be safe. My DH has been exceptional through this time and he amazes me more and more everyday! I was only dilated to 1 and that's it at my last checkup so maybe we will have more progress tomorrow for our 38 week checkup! :-)


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