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Anyone still working?

I'm still at work until I give birth or June 28th (EDD is June 27th). I just wanted to hear if anyone else was still heading into work. I am a HS counselor so luckily the students are now gone and I can just relax in my office while I do my work calmly but still I am counting down the days until I am off!!


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Re: Anyone still working?

  • Yep my due date was Monday, but I'm in my cube working.
  • I'm being induced on the 20th my last day of work is the 19th. I have to work the next 7 days straight which I'm not looking forward to
  • I was taken down to part time by my doctor but I plan on working until I go into labor.  
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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    I'm working (currently bouncing on my stability ball).  I'm only 38 weeks 3 days, but I'm working until I deliver.  Could be into July.
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  • still working...wearing flip flops at my desk and changing into kitten heels whenever I get up to walk around. Hating my pants...but I only have 2 dresses that are work appropriate and one got me the comment "you look like a blueberry" (from a friendly co-worker, not a snake). RCS is scheduled next Tuesday, so I'm going to work from home next Monday. HA! "work from home" :)
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  • Yep. RCS scheduled on 6/27, and my last day will be 6/25. 9 more days of work, but who's counting? (Hint: It's ME! hehe...)

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  • Yep!  One week to go.  My RCS is scheduled for 6/21 so I'm working through 6/19 and taking 6/20 off to rest and finish last-minute things up!  It's what I did with my daughter too, though I had her at 37w instead of 39w4d... so I'm hoping he stays put until he's scheduled to come out.  :)

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  • Yup!  Still here and counting down the days.

    I'll work until June 28 (EDD is June 26).  Even if I have to be induced in July, my last work day will be June 28th.

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  • I'm still working. I'm not due unitl the 30th but I plan on to stop working on the 26th or 27th, if DS doesn't show up before then. I have decided to take a few days to myself to do whetever it is I want by myself without worrying about anyone else for the last time for the rest of my life. We shall see if I make it that far.
  • Still working. I purposely haven't been putting new appointments in my schedule the week after my EDD, but will be going to work the rest of this week and next week, unless LO shows up early of course.
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  • Yup. Working through 6/21 and RCS scheduled for 6/24.I worked past my due date with DS so I could use all my leave when I had a baby to care for.
  • Glad I'm not the only one!! It makes me feel better to know there are other very pregnant ladies out there counting down as well!
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  • 2 days overdue and still working...
  • I am. My due date is tomorrow. My absolute last day is the 20th which will be 41 weeks. That way I know he'll be here within the week so I don't feel like I'm wasting time at home doing nothing for weeks.

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  • I am due June 23 and am still working.  I plan to work up until I have the baby.
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  • Still working- EDD is 6/21 and I plan on working until labor or if I need to be induced, the day before that. I want all my home time to be with Baby.

    Hubs actually got told to tell me "wow" by his co-workers- apparently none of them worked this close to their EDDs. I'd go stir crazy  at home though.

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  • Yep, still working .........I'm Due June 17th which is Monday .




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  • image RissNRuss:

    Still working- EDD is 6/21 and I plan on working until labor or if I need to be induced, the day before that. I want all my home time to be with Baby.

    Hubs actually got told to tell me "wow" by his co-workers- apparently none of them worked this close to their EDDs. I'd go stir crazy  at home though.


    I've noticed this a lot with people. They tell me they are impressed I want to continue working until he comes. I just feel like I have nested and cleaned so much at home that I need work to distract me or else I would just be going crazy waiting to go into labor!

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  • LiLi23LiLi23
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    I'm still working.  I'm due on the 25th and tentatively made my last day Friday the 21st, but I might come in on that Monday to help out with payroll.  That is, of course, unless baby has other plans.  If I didn't have DD at home I would work up until the very last minute, but if I can have a couple of days off with her I'm going to take advantage. 


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  • i'm also due on the 25th and still working.  i am planning on working until the baby arrives, although i just realized that if he comes near the dd, that really is only one more full week of work!  i'm taking it day by day though, i'm not going to force myself to be really uncomfortable if i get to the point where i want to stop working prior to the baby.  so far i'm doing ok though!
  • Due date is today and I'm at work!
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  • My due date was yesterday and I am at work today!  I plan to work until this friday as I will be getting induced on monday.
  • Still working.  My EDD is June 20th and I'll keep working even if I go past it. Gotta save up my leave as much as possible to even get 6 weeks off.  If for some reason we schedule an induction, I'll probably take the weekday before induction off just to rest.
  • Yes, but I teach high school online, so I don't have to go into an office, which is nice!
  • 3 days over and still working. Will work until she gets here.
  • Every day..... Not sure when my last day is yet...

  • My employer "strongly suggested" that I go out 2 weeks early, so last Friday was my last day.  It's paid time off, but I'm going batshitcrazy sitting at home all day just waiting to go into labor.  I finished my Thank You cards, did some serious grocery shopping, cleaned the house, have cooked dinner every night (that's weird for me)....there are only so many domestic-type things I can do before I want to pull my hair out.....
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  • I am! I think idle time with no baby wouldn't help my labor progress, so I'm working until this baby comes out or I'm induced. I want all my leave to be time spent with baby. 
  • I will be working until I go into labor or if something puts me on bed rest. I'm due June 28th. I only get 6 weeks off.

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