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Poll- your kitchen floor

What kind of floor do you have in your kitchen?

Do you have the same floor in your bathrooms(s)? If not, what kind of floor is in your bathrooms?

I'm looking at options to replace the kitchen floor (H and BIL damaged the floor moving furniture) and was thinking about doing the same in the bathrooms.
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Re: Poll- your kitchen floor

  • Hardwood in kitchen & tile in all the bathrooms 


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  • I have wood laminate in the kitchen and tile in the bathroom. I like the look of tile better but the wood laminate is really easy to keep clean...when I decide to clean it. ;) 

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  • MrsMuqMrsMuq
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    We have Pergo in the kitchen/dining room and tile in both bathrooms.


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  • Hardwood in kitchen and half bath near the kitchen.  All the other bathrooms have gross linoleum.  We'll get tile in the bathroom when we replace the lino.
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  • Hardwood in the kitchen and tile in the bathrooms.
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  • Ceramic in the kitchen, vinyl in the bathrooms. I hate the ceramic but it's too hard to get off of the slab to replace so it stays.
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  • We have the same tile in all the bathrooms and the kitchen and dining room. Wood wasn't an option when I was building the house. I love the flow of having it all the same since out house is somewhat small. 
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  • We have tile in the kitchen and in the bathrooms; the same style in both.

    We have hardwood in our dining room, but we mainly eat at the table in the kitchen unless we have company over or it's a holiday and I'm hosting. 


  • We have the original hardwood throughout the house.  Our house was built in 1935.  Luckily, there have been no leaks in the kitchen so it's in great shape, still.


  • I have tile in my kitchen and two of my bathrooms (all different types- but since they are not near each other it works).  The third bathroom has hardwood- yes I thought this was strange when we looked at the house before we bought it. Oh and this is the ONLY room with hardwoods- we will be remodleing- my goal is tile with heated floors like our other two bathrooms.
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  • We have tile in the kitchen, dinning, bathrooms, and living room. 
  • We have ceramic in the kitchen and bathrooms.

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  • We have tile in both the kitchen and bathrooms. I really like it. Its easy for cleaning up.
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  • Some sort of laminate tile in the kitchen, and a different tile in the bathroom. Not the best though. If we weren't in an apartment I would have changed it out already.
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  • Ceramic tile in kitchens, entryway and bathrooms. I want bigger tiles, but new carpet will come before new tile.

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  • Wood laminate in kitchen (also living room and dining room), linoleum in bathrooms.

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  • We have African hardwood throughout the main level. Our bathrooms are those big square ceramic tiles, and they're also in the laundry room and the basement hall (where you enter through the garage). I love the tiles, I kinda wish they were in the kitchen, but our open floor plan looks better with a fluid floor.
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  • CnAmomCnAmom
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    Right now we have matching wood laminate stuff in the kitchen and bathrooms. I would love to do hardwood but we don't own the house. On the other hand, we plan on living here long term and our LL has expressed an interest in letting us buy the house if we want to (we want to). If we do buy the house I plan on ripping up the carpet and installing hardwood through the rest of the house anyway.

    So I'm thinking we either go all in with hardwood and match it later, or tile so it doesn't matter what we do later, if anything. I pondered just doing a higher quality wood laminate but then we would have to take it up again if we end up doing hardwood. Either way we will get a reduced rent for replacing the floor.

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  • We redid our kitchen when we moved in and put in a gray slate tile in the kitchen, mudroom and half bathroom. The main bathroom just has linoleum stick on tiles for now, but that will be redone eventually, probably with a white subway tile.

    The living areas and bedrooms are all original hardwoods, our house is 100 yrs old
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  • Ceramic tile. The previous owners put different tile in each room of the house. Poorly installed too. It drives my husband crazy. We plan on tearing it all out eventually.

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  • Tile of some sort looks like it's made of rock. ; It's the same ad the bathrooms, laundry, and entry ways by the outside doors.
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  • Cream colored tile. The bathrooms are the same.

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  • DochasDochas
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    We have ceramic tile in the kitchen.  My husband put it in himself and we love it.  But it's hard to do so it's important to really want it.  The bathroom isn't near the kitchen.  It's different tile.  Those smaller bathroom type kind.  We have hardwood floors in the rest of the house.  I'm not a fan of laminate.
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  • NandaBNandaB
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    image EnglishMajor03:
    We have the original hardwood throughout the house. nbsp;Our house was built in 1935. nbsp;Luckily, there have been no leaks in the kitchen so it's in great shape, still.nbsp;

    I think this is so cool! My parents have a beachhouse built in the 20s and it has the coolest wood floors.

    We have textured tile in our kitchen and original bathroom. I hate it. It has all these nooks and crannies for gook to collect in, and the peach colored grout looks dirty so quickly!
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  • Icky laminate in the kitchen and both bathrooms. I would do tile if we replace it before we move.

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  • Hardwood in the kitchen, and laminate the looks like tile in the bathrooms. 
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  • Ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchen.  Its colder than heck in my bathroom in the winter with the tile.

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  • ask a flooring expert. don't ceramic if you want to change it later!!! You would better off with pergola or dura ceramic not "real".
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  • KateMWKateMW
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    Hardwood floors in kitchen and tiny retro round white tiles in both bathrooms. Love them!

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  • Tile in the kitchen and the bathroom. I hate it, way too hard. It hurts my feet when I'm in there for a while, which is often. I prefer a hardwood floor in every room except the bathroom. 
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