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4 month regression survivors

How long were you plagued with the 4 month wakeful period? I remember lurking on the late night posts a few weeks ago and feeling sorry for those dealing with it and now I am there.
I am hoping since the late night post no longer happenshat means you guys are getting some sleep?
DD is up every 3 hours at the most and it is killing me!

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Re: 4 month regression survivors

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    Honestly, we are still dealing with it. It started for us almost a month ago. Last night he went down faster, so I'm hoping we are almost to the end of this. For DS, not only did he wake more frequently but he'd try to stay up for over an hour every time. The number of wake ups is decreasing but not always the amount of time awake. Naps are also still a disaster but one step at a time I guess.
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  • The worst was about 3 weeks and then things got better but last night was horrible. I hope it was just a fluke.
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  • It was about 3 weeks for us but honestly, it could have been longer, I'm too tired to remember it all.  Sleep whenever you can, it's really tough, and if you have to get up for work the next day you have my sympathies.  I was a zombie at work for the longest time, it was awful.

    Don't mean to scare you... haha

    Good luck!

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  • Your post title cracked me up. 

    Sorry you are gong through 4 month wakeful.  I feel your pain.  For us, it lasted a while...a long while, like a month and maybe a bit longer than that.  At 5 months almost exactly he just got better!  Just prepare for a long month.  Don't fight it.   There is no use.  And try to nap/go to sleep earlier if you can.   

    Good luck!  See you on the other side! :P 


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  • It was bad for a week or less maybe.  I decided to stop swaddling at the same time and the last two nights she STTN.  But, getting her to sleep is a long battle :( I think part of it is not being swaddled and the other part is that she is overtired from not napping well at daycare, so hopefully both of those will improve soon.
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  • Chris' sleep regression period lasted from Sunday june 2 to sunday june 9. He would go down around 7:30/8pm instead of sleeping 9-10 hours straight he would wake up between 1-2am then again around 4-5am. It wasn't too bad because I was back at work and I loved nursing him when he would wake up. Now he's gone back to STTN but he's no longer nursing. Honestly, I'd rather go back to the sleep regression and nurse him than what I'm going through now.
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  • She is still going through it and will be 6 months on Monday. I just stopped swaddling her two nights ago because I figured I'm not sleeping anyway so I might as well give up the swaddle too. It's going surprisingly well though (she goes down easily).

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  • I thought I was one of the lucky ones that completely missed this, but no DD started it late. She has always STTN, but near the end of last month she wouldn't nap and she would wake up three times during the night.

    Just yesterday.....she slept through the entire night and she is napping right now. I hope its not a fluke!

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  • I'm so jealous of all of you. Three nights in a row DD would only sleep 30min-1 hr stretches at a time and then take 30-45 min to get back to sleep. She naps great but at night it's awful, last night was better only up every two hours but that's normal for us.
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  • I think we are just hitting this too. LO will be 5 months on sat and for the past 2 nights she has woken up at 4a and 3a. She has been STTN since 8 weeks old. I hope this passes quickly.

  • I honestly don't know if it was the 4-month wakeful or if it was just teething or transitioning him to the crib or his ear infection. But DS was a bear for about two weeks...now he is back to normal and sleeps from 7pm to 6am....well except a few nights each week he wakes up around 8 or 8:30 and thinks he should be up...but I let him play in his crib until he falls asleep about 15 to 20 minutes later. I'm not complaining by any means. 

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