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Nursing strike?!

Ok ladies, I need some help! DD is four months old and the past couple days she's been freaking out when I try to nurse her. But not 100% of the time. Sometimes it's in the morning, then she nurses fine in the afternoon. Last night she nursed all day and then refused to at night but ended up sucking down a 6 oz bottle. I don't know what's going on! She's definitely more distracted and tries to turn her head to look at stuff while she eats, but I don't know why she would freak out about it sometimes, when she's clearly hungry, and other times be fine. And I don't want to have to pump then feed her every time she refuses to nurse. Any advice or thoughts as to what the heck is going on are greatly appreciated!
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Re: Nursing strike?!

  • Does she seem like she is impatient for a let down? Try giving her a little bit of expressed milk to take the edge off her hunger and then getting her to latch once she is calm. Or if hunger isn't an issue try giving her a paci or a bath or whatever you usually do to calm her down and once she is calm try nursing again. My Dr went through this and luckily it was just a phase. Once I got her to calm down and suck she woukd nurse just fine, but it was completly stressful for a few nights
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  • My DS went for 8 hours yesterday without nursing! He's normally a great eater but he freaked every time I would lay him down to eat yesterday! I ended up pumping because I was getting uncomfortable (pumped 6 oz from one side!) and before bed I put some expressed milk on his lips and on my nipple. As soon as he tasted the milk he calmed down and latched. He ate twice last night as well. I'm hoping that's the last of it but I guess we'll see today. GL, I know it's super frustrating! 

    Also, check out kellymom.com for suggestions, they also have links to LLL and other sites with good info. 

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    I don't really have advice, just wanted to say you're not alone. This has been going on for a month for us, though. It's most days, not every day, but mornings and middle of the night he latches just fine. During the day and evening, though, as soon as I try to feed him he just screams at the breast. I've tried bottles, but unfortunately he just isn't interested even though I KNOW he's hungry. Sometimes, bouncing him will distract him enough to latch. Or feeding him upright (modified football hold - I prop one knee up with a pillow against it, so he's kind of sitting up facing my breast) will be different enough to do the trick. I"m starting to feel like I enjoy nursing more than he does =/

    I've noticed this past week or two that if there are voices or noises, he will turn away and want to look or listen. I can't tell you how many dirty looks DH has gotten for walking in the room and saying something and interrupting meal time. It has been such a struggle to get DS to nurse, once he's eating, I just want to throw a shoe at DH's face for interrupting!!!!! As much as I am sorry you all are going through this, I'm kind of glad to know I'm not alone.

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  • Thank you guys! Once she latches, she is usually good (not always though), it's the getting her to latch part. I think I'll have to try less distracting places. We are usually just home, the two of us, but the tv is usually on, or the dog is walking around. Or there is light coming through a window. Or my nose is fascinating.... 

    I do have better luck in our bedroom, I guess it's not very exciting to look at! :) I tried the shushing today and that helped some. And I had to try several different attempts, but after like the fourth she finally chilled and ate. But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one and that this isn't uncommon!  

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    "Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
    Lucy Kate 2/9/13
    m/c 12/30/11 - our Christmas baby
  • If you can, try standing up and walking while bouncing as you try to nurse. When my DD gets too worked up to latch, that usually calms her enough to get her to latch on, then I can sit down and continue to nurse.
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  • We just went through a couple days of this. She would scream and arch her back to get away from me as if I was trying to poison her!  It wouldn't happen every feeding either.

    What worked for us...quite spot, take long breaks before trying again, walking and feeding and just calling it quits on a feeding.  Only once did I pump so she could have a bottle b/c I didn't want her to get stuck on that.


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  • Wow!! I thought I was the only one going through the same thing...its been a phenomenon this past few weeks and its frustrating. I'm going to try some of the tips you all mentioned too.


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